The June 2024 issue of Forest Warrior Bonolon is now available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide!

Distribution of the latest issue of "Forest Warrior Bonolon", "Tears of the Clouds Volume", began on June 15th.

▼This episode's synopsis▼

Although the sky is clear, clouds have gathered just above the giant camphor trees and it is raining.
Bonoron realizes that the rain is Cloud's tears.

Kumo continued to watch over the family as they grieved the loss of their son.
She wanted to help in some way, but couldn't come up with any good ideas herself, so she cried and asked for Bonolon's advice.
Wanting the family to get better, Bonoron and Cloud-san do something together...

The reader of the online picture book is voice actor Kazuya Ichijo.

▶︎ Bonolon, the Forest Warrior Official Website

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