The December 2023 issue of Forest Warrior Bonolon is now being distributed at 7-Eleven stores nationwide!

From December 15th, distribution of the latest issue of "Forest Warrior Bonolon" "Only Once Birthday Party Volume" has started.

▼This time's synopsis▼

Ali, a boy who has never had his birthday celebrated.
My father was a fisherman and once he went out to sea, he didn't come back for days.
Ali's mother died of illness the year Ali was born.
What is Ali's wish as she sheds tears under the giant tree?

The voice actor Natsuki Hanae plays the role of reading the web picture book.

▶︎ Forest Warrior Bonolon official website

Poramel is distributed free of charge at 7-Eleven, Denny's, Akachan Honpo, etc. nationwide.

*Delivery may be delayed in some areas depending on the delivery situation.

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