All episodes of "City Hunter" are free! To celebrate the release of the live-action Netflix movie,

Coa Mix Inc. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will be releasing all 336 episodes of "City Hunter" for free at its WEB Zenon editorial department, with selected sections available for a set period of time.

To commemorate the worldwide exclusive release of the live-action film on Netflix on April 25th, the WEB Zenon editorial department will hold a special event to celebrate the release of the original comic, which has sold over 50 million copies.All 336 episodes of "City Hunter" will be available for free for a limited

The detailed free period and release range are as follows:
◆ All 336 episodes of "City Hunter" are available for free viewing during and within the period
4/5~: Episodes 1-91 ("Glorious Ten Count!" - "Don't Touch the Nurses!")
4/12-4/19: Episodes 92-170 ("One Night's Mistake" - "The Woman Umibozu Loved")
4/19-4/26: Episodes 171-258 ("Flying Butts Again!" - "Scars of the Past")
4/26~5/3: Episodes 259~336 ("Grandfather Appears!?"~"Wedding Bells!")
*Episodes 1 to 17 will be available at all times during the period.

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moreover,April 26The original author,Mr. Hojo Tsukasaand plays Ryo SaebaRyohei SuzukiofDigest article of the interviewThis is your chance to enjoy this dreamlike conversation between the two while reading the original work.

All 32 volumes of "City Hunter" are on sale now!

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