If the girl sitting next to you is a girl with a secret background, Volume 4 of “Girlfriend Beyond the Filter” will be released on February 20th!

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we will be introducing romantic comedy works published by Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo). This time, I would like to introduce you to "Girlfriend Through the Filter".

"Girlfriend Through the Filter"will begin serialization in Monthly Comic Zenon from April 2022. The story begins when Narumi Hakobe, a high school student who doesn't stand out in class, learns that the naughty selfie girl Efa he's been following on SNS is actually Mitsuha Koto, an innocent and popular classmate.

The perfect scene for Valentine's Day to pick up is the scene where Hakobe, who is in the same class as the popular student in the class and has a weak presence, suddenly makes eye contact with Mitsuhakoto. Mitsuha looking at her in wonder and Hakobe looking embarrassed are impressive.

On Valentine's Day, many male students may confuse themselves if they feel the gaze of a popular student in their class, as shown in this scene. By the way, this scene is featured in Volume 1, so be sure to read it.

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Latest volume 4 book released! Released on February 20, 2024!

The long-awaited Volume 4 will be released on February 20th. The transcript has been published.

In Volume 4, Koto and Hakobe meet cosplayer Temari and take many naughty photos at collaborative photo shoots, cosplay events, and summer festivals. Please make a reservation and wait for the release date!

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