[Happy Birthday] “Gachi Koi Sticky Beast” Subaru’s birth anniversary! Get a poster!

Subaru, a member of the popular video streaming group COSMIC, appears in "Gachikoi Adhesive Beast ~I Want to Be an Online Streamer's Girlfriend~," published by Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo). To commemorate his birthday, we will be holding an A3 poster giveaway campaign on the Zenon Comics promotion SNS.

“Gachikoi Adhesive Beast ~I want to be the girlfriend of an online streamer~”subaru a3 poster

・SNS account for promoting Zenon ComicsFollow!!

◉X account
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◉Instagram account
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・5 people will be selected by lottery (including X & Instagram)

February 14 (water) ~ February 21 (water) all day long

Take this opportunity to apply and celebrate your birthday.

“Gachi Koi Adhesive Beast ~I Want to Become an Online Streamer’s Girlfriend~” Volume 12 is now on sale!

▼Volume 12 synopsis▼
For many days, Ringo Kurokane could only see Ginga online. One day, when Ringo casually goes out on the balcony, she hears the sound of the window opening and closing in Ginga's room upstairs.

The first limited edition also comes with a 16-page newly illustrated booklet. The content is irresistible for fans looking at COSMIC members' albums. Be sure to get the limited edition!

Purchase Volume 12 First Limited Edition

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