Additional information released for "Hana no Keiji Original Art Exhibition - Man, Sword, and Kabuki Journey" Original goods such as "Ofu's Ear Manju" to be released at Gallery Zenon from July 5th

The original art exhibition "Hana no Keiji Original Art Exhibition ~Kan to Katana to Kabuki Tabi~" of the popular Sengoku manga "Hana no Keiji: Beyond the Clouds" (original story by Ryu Keiichiro, manga by Hara Tetsuo, script by Aso Mio) will be held at the manga-themed art gallery "GALLERY ZENON" operated by manga publisher Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) from Friday, July 5, 2024. We will inform you of additional new information such as the original art to be exhibited, the sword exhibition, visitor benefits, original goods, and cafe collaboration menu.

More than 130 original drawings will be on display in both the first and second half of the year

The "Hana no Keiji Original Art Exhibition - Men, Swords, and a Kabuki Journey" is fast approaching its opening on July 5th, and will feature over 130 original artworks from "Hana no Keiji - Beyond the Clouds" in both the first and second halves of the exhibition.

[First period: 7/5-7/28] Original drawings to be exhibited

Currently serialized in Monthly Comic ZenonKeiji Maeda Kabuki Journey” (original story by Hara Tetsuo and Horie Nobuhiko, illustrations by Deguchi Masato) will also be on display.

The perfectly reproduced "Keiji's Red Spear" and "Nanban Large Short Sword" are on display for the first time in Tokyo

In addition, in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture,Seki Blacksmith Heritage Museum"Keiji's red spear" and the "Nanban large short sword" that Keiji prepared to assassinate Hideyoshi, which were perfectly reproduced in the film "The Tale of Genji." will be on display in Tokyo for the first time.

The swords, "Nanban Iron Large Short Sword" by the 26th Fujiwara Kanefusa swordsmith and "Minashu Spear" by Tamba Kanenobu swordsmith, were painstakingly crafted using the apex of their techniques and made using modern Nanban iron. Please come and enjoy the beauty of the blades at Gallery Zenon.

"Ofuu ear manju" and many other original goods

Original goods will be on sale at the venue, including "Ofuu no Mimi Manju," a light and elegant sweetness and crumbly white bean paste wrapped in fragrant cookie dough, and "acrylic dioramas" that perfectly recreate famous scenes.

Ofuu ear manju (8 pieces)
1,650 yen

Flower Keiji Acrylic Diorama
All 4 types, 1,980 yen each

Hana no Keiji famous scene sticker
10 varieties in total, 495 yen each

In addition to the goods listed here, we plan to add more to our lineup. For more information,Formula XPlease note that you need to purchase an admission ticket to buy merchandise.

Collaboration menu available at the venue

A collaboration menu will be offered at the attached cafe. As a collaboration menu bonus, by scanning the QR code on the limited edition card with a smartphone with a built-in camera, you can easily take photos with popular characters anywhere, and receive a limited edition AR photo frame and limited edition stickers.

<Early stage>

<Later stage>

* Purchase of an admission ticket is required to purchase the cafe's collaboration menu items or use table seats.
*You can use the cafe from the time slot specified in your ticket purchase.
*If you wish to purchase only the take-out menu, you can do so without a ticket.

There are also photo spots that you'll want to post on social media

There is also a photo spot where you can take a picture with a nearly life-sized Keiji. The famous scene with the pee gun is also there, so be sure to take a photo with him to create a lasting memory.

In addition, as a special gift to all visitors, one randomly selected special card featuring a famous scene from "Hana no Keiji" will be given away. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to come and see the show.

[Event Summary]
● Exhibition name: "Hana no Keiji Original Art Exhibition - Man, Sword, and Kabuki Journey"
●Location: GALLERY ZENON (2-11-1 Kichijoji Minamimachi, Musashino City, Tokyo 180-0003)
●Dates: First period: Friday, July 5, 2024 to Sunday, July 28, 2024 *Closed on Tuesdays
   Second Term: Thursday, August 1, 2024 - Sunday, August 25, 2024 *Closed on Tuesdays
●Business hours: 11:00~18:00 *Last entrance and last cafe order 17:30
Admission fee: Weekdays: 1,000 yen for online reservations, 1,300 yen for same-day tickets
Weekends and holidays: Online reservations 1,300 yen, same-day tickets 1,600 yen
Discounts for elementary school students available, free for preschoolers
●Official website:
●Formula X:
●Organizer: Coremix
Special sponsor: Newgin Group
Cooperation: VISION8, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture

[Ticket sales site]

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