The first volume of ``Hanechin and Booky's Children's Medical Record'', a story of parents and children told in pediatric medical care, has been reprinted!

Volume 1 of ``Hanechin and Booky's Children's Medical Records'' published by Coa Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) has been reprinted.

“Hanechin and Booky’s Children’s Medical Record” will be serialized by Zenon Editorial Department from March 2023. Accidental ingestion, otitis media, orthostatic coordination disorder...The latest work by Mizu Sahara from ``My Girl'' depicts pediatric medical care and teaches us the ``important things'' that we have forgotten in our lives. The first volume of this work, which quickly became a hot topic on SNS, has now been reprinted.

Haneda, an office worker who lost his wife and became a single father, has to raise two children by himself, and spends his days being swayed by the words and actions of his children, which he cannot understand. One day, Haneda's son Michiru falls ill on the train, and the person who saves him is Kotobuki, a young man with unusual makeup...

Book title: Hanechin and Booky's Children's Medical Records Volume 1
Author: Mizu Sahara Medical Supervisor/Hiromi Kitaoka
Publisher: Coamix
Regular price: 748 yen each (680 yen each + tax)
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If you're interested in ``Hanechin and Booky's Children's Medical Records,'' a story of a parent and child that is told in pediatric medical care, be sure to give it a read.

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