To commemorate the release of Volume 1 of “Ao to Koi no Attribute”!! “Zenonharu Koi Manga Fair” will be held at approximately 150 bookstores nationwide!!

Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will hold a "Zenon Haru Koi Manga Fair" at approximately 150 bookstores nationwide on Friday, January 19th to commemorate the release of Volume 1 of "Ao to Koi no Attribute". It will be held. Participating bookstores will be distributing newly drawn illustration cards.

Sorry to sell out!! Comes with a newly drawn illustration card!! Bookstore limited project!!

[Event schedule]
From Friday, January 19, 2024 (*until the end of bonus distribution/end of handling at each store)

[Holding store]
You can check the list of target stores from the page below.

[Event details]
For those who have purchased “Blue and Love Attribute” Volume 1 released on January 19, 2024
Limited edition illustration cardPresent!!

*Limited quantity and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
*Distribution method may differ depending on the situation of the distribution store.
*For information on the distribution status of benefits, please contact the target bookstore of your choice.

“Attribute of Blue and Love” Volume 1 will be released on Friday, January 19th!!

“Attribute of Blue and Love” will be serialized by WEB Zenon Editorial Department from June 2023.
Art college youth graffiti of a boy who can't eat in public and a girl who can't remember people's faces.

▼Volume 1 synopsis▼
Kurae, a first-year art student who doesn't like eating in public, falls in love with her classmate Ariji, but she can't say the words, ``Let's eat together.'' . Still, she tries to approach her somehow, but she has a secret: she can't remember people's faces...! ?

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Great compatibility!! Volume 18 of “Mobuko no Koi” will be released at the same time!!

The latest volume 18 of "Mobuko no Koi", which is currently being made into a live-action movie, will be released at the same time.
Also check out “Mobuko no Koi” which depicts the same love pattern as “Ao to Koi no Attribute”!!

▼Volume 18 synopsis▼
After traveling to Kamakura with Nobuko, Irie begins to look for a new career path. I contacted a web engineer I met by chance in Kamakura and participated in a summer internship. So I thought again about what was important for me and Nobuko's future...

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