Long-awaited by all mankind! Pay attention to the world's first legendary collaboration! "Mad Max: Furiosa" x Tetsuo Hara

Mad Max: Fury Road changed the history of cinema when it was released in 2015, with its realistic and spectacular non-stop car action that took the world by storm. The latest installment of the legendary saga, Mad Max: Furiosa, directed by the legendary founder and great master George Miller, will be released nationwide on Friday, May 31, 2024 (Japanese dubbed version / IMAX® / 4D / Dolby Cinema® / ScreenX simultaneous screening).
Tetsuo Hara has long been a huge fan of the Mad Max series, and says that the series' devastated world, biker gangs that rule through violence, and the protagonist's survival in despair have had a huge influence on his own work. Now, the long-awaited collaboration with Mad Max: Furiosa has finally come to fruition! In preparation for the release of the latest film, an illustration of the main character, Furiosa, drawn by Tetsuo Hara himself has been released!

Like a ray of light shining into a devastated world, the "Furious Warrior Furiosa" drawn by Tetsuo Hara has arrived!

The released illustration shows Furiosa looking dignified with a buzz cut, a prosthetic left hand, and a gun in her right hand.

The work is delicate yet dynamic, with Hara Tetsuo's characteristic dramatic touch, and Furiosa's nobility is depicted so vividly that it seems as if she could move at any moment. This is a masterpiece that conveys the passion Hara has shown in his collaboration with Mad Max, which he has admired for many years. Furthermore, a comment has arrived from Hara Tetsuo himself, who saw the film early! In addition to praising the film highly, he speaks of his respect for director George Miller as a spiritual mentor as a creator, and his passion is so strong that he has even asked to become Miller's apprentice because of his love for the film.

[Comment from Tetsuo Hara]

Everything was great! It was interesting from beginning to end! I am one of the people who was greatly influenced by director George Miller.
I thought it would never exist again, but it turns out that there is a way to create something like this! I am truly humbled that they continue to show us a new world of video.
I really want you to take me as your apprentice!
(Tetsuo Hara)

This collaborative illustration, a must-see for all mankind, has been chosen as the cover of the magazine "Eiga Himitsu", which will be released on Tuesday, May 21st!
Furthermore, after about 40 years, the magazine has realized the first ever conversation between Tetsuo Hara and George Miller, the "creator" of "Mad Max" himself! Please read the full interview in print.

"Mad Max: Furiosa" is the latest work by George Miller, a director that Tetsuo Hara has always admired, and is highly recommended by the professor himself. How much of a moving film will it be? Be sure to check it out at the theater!

The movie "Mad Max: Furiosa" will be released nationwide on Friday, May 31st!

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■ Title: "Mad Max: Furiosa"
■Release date: Friday, May 31, 2024 nationwide
■C notation: Illustration: Tetsuo Hara
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