[Fist of the North Star] A3 poster giveaway campaign held to celebrate the release of the final volume of the new edition

Coa Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will be holding an A3 poster giveaway campaign on the Zenon Comics promotional SNS to commemorate the release of the final 18th volume of "Fist of the North Star New Edition" (original story by Buronson, manga by Hara Tetsuo).

To commemorate the release of the final 18th volume of "Fist of the North Star New Edition," Zenon Comics is promoting the following on social media:An A3 poster giveaway campaign will be held.The overview is as follows.

・"Fist of the North Star" A3 poster

・Follow Zenon Comics promotional social media accounts

X Account
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Instagram account
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Five lucky winners will be chosen by lottery(X & Instagram combined)

April 19 (Friday) - April 30 (Fire)
It's a gorgeous poster with all the famous recommenders of the new edition.

"Fist of the North Star New Edition" is now on sale!

"Fist of the North Star," which has sold over 100 million copies and is set to be made into a new anime, has been newly published in book form.The new edition has been a hot topic due to the impressive number of recommenders from the first volume onwards.The final volume, volume 18, was released on April 19th. Take this opportunity to buy it.

Purchase "Fist of the North Star New Edition" Volume 1

Kenshiro, the successor of the Hokuto Shinken, defeats Shin, who stole his beloved Yuria, and then annihilates GOLAN and the Jackal gang. Then, in the village where Mamiya lives, where he was hired as a bodyguard, he meets Rei, a master of the Nanto Suichoken... Kenshiro and his friends enter the Reiwa era in new outfits!

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