[Cheat Class Campaign] ``The Strongest Magician Without Common Sense'' Poster Present! Commemorating the release of Volume 1

To commemorate the release of Volume 1 of "The Strongest Magician Without Common Sense" published by Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo), we will be holding an A3 poster giveaway campaign on Zenon Comics promotion SNS.

``The strongest magician without common sense''A3 poster

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March 7th (Thursday) - March 14th (Thursday) All day

It is a gorgeous A3 poster, just like this work in which the strongest magician who unleashes cheat-level magic plays an active role. Take this opportunity to apply and celebrate the release of the first volume.

A group of authors with a cumulative total of 10 million copies have gathered! “The Strongest Magician Without Common Sense” Volume 1 is now on sale!

▼Volume 1 synopsis▼
Luke, who taught himself magic using the spellbook his parents left him, takes the exam for the Conqueror School, an institution that trains people to conquer monsters' dens. However, Luke's magic is so powerful that he fails the entrance exam. Luke has no choice but to become a self-centered conqueror, but magicians labeled as self-centered are usually treated as failures...

If you are interested, please buy it.

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