Volume 1 of ``The Strongest Magician Without Common Sense'', an exhilarating fantasy that starts from the bottom, has been reprinted!

Volume 1 of "The Strongest Magician Without Common Sense" (original idea/Shinji Islands, original story/Koji Aotsuki/Skyfarm, manga/Takumi Seno, collaboration/peep), published by Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo), has been reprinted. It's done.

``The strongest magician without common sense''will begin serialization in the WEB Zenon Editorial Department from July 2023. The story is about Luke, who taught himself magic using a spellbook left by his parents, but fails the entrance exam for a training institution for people who can conquer labyrinths because he is too powerful. The first volume was released on March 7th, and the beautiful illustrations and gorgeous writers who have sold over 10 million copies became a hot topic, and it has now been decided to reprint it.

Book title: The Strongest Magician Without Common Sense Volume 1
Author: Original idea/Shinji Islands Original story/Koji Aotsuki/Skyfarm
Manga by Takumi Senoo, in cooperation with peep
Publisher: Coremix
List price: 726 yen each (660 yen each + tax)

Luke, who taught himself magic using the spellbook his parents left him, takes the exam for the Conqueror School, an institution that trains people to conquer monsters' dens. However, Luke's magic is so powerful that he fails the entrance exam. Luke has no choice but to become a self-centered conqueror, but magicians labeled as self-centered are usually treated as failures...

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