Enrich your life with gals! “There’s a Gal in the Coffee Shop” Volume 2 will be released on February 20th!

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we will be introducing romantic comedy works published by Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo). This time, I would like to introduce you to ``There's a Gal in the Coffee Shop''.

"There's a gal at the coffee shop."will begin serialization in the WEB Zenon Editorial Department from December 2022. The story begins when the exhausted Koorihisashi meets Ruika Himetani, a gal working at a coffee shop.

The perfect scene for Valentine's Day to pick up is the scene right after Guno, who has been working hard and has no energy, is given candy by Ruika Himetani. The sight of a gal clerk casually checking on the customers is impressive.

For Valentine's Day, taste and size don't matter. It makes me realize that the experience of receiving something is itself important. This scene is included in Volume 1, so if you're interested, buy it and read it.

Purchase Volume 1

Volume 2 will be released on February 20th! Release of the calligraphy!

Volume 2 of ``There's a Gal in a Coffee Shop'', which delivers nutrition that can only be obtained from a gal, will be released on February 20th. A transcript has also been released.

Pre-order Volume 2, where part-time gal Ruika Himetani's ``healing'' accelerates, and wait for the release date.

Pre-order Volume 2

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