Musical “In This Corner of the World” visuals unveiled and all cast announced! 

The manga "In This Corner of the World" by Fumiyo Kono will be adapted into a musical this May. The main visual and the entire cast have been announced.
The role of Urano Suzu, the main character who loves to draw, will be played by a double cast of Kon Natsumi and Ohara Sakurako. Additionally, the role of Hojo Shusaku, the man Suzu will marry, will be played by Kaiho Naoto and Murai Ryodai, and the role of Shiraki Rin, who will become involved in a love triangle with Suzu and Shusaku, will be played by Hirano Aya and Sakurai Reika.
Furthermore, the role of Mizuhara Tetsu, Suzu's childhood friend who had a crush on her, is played by double cast members Onozuka Hayato and Kobayashi Yui. Suzu's younger sister Urano Sumi is played by Komukai Naru, and Shusaku's older sister Kuromura Keiko, Suzu's sister-in-law, is played by Otozuki Kei, making for a cast of actors with both popularity and talent.

After opening at Nissay Theatre, the show will tour around the country and conclude in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, where the play is set.

Breaking news PV is here

Musical "In This Corner of the World"

[Creative & Cast]
original work:Fumiyo Kono "In This Corner of the World" (Zenon Comics/Core Mix)
Music: Angela Aki
Screenplay and Directing: Kazuhiro Ueda

Suzu Urano: Natsumi Kon/Sakurako Ohara (double cast)
Shusaku Hojo: Naoto Kaiho/Ryodai Murai (double cast)
Shiraki Rin: Hirano Aya/Sakurai Reika (double cast)
Mizuhara Satoshi: Onozuka Hayato/Kobayashi Yui (double cast)
Sumi Urano: Small

Keiko Kuromura: Katsura Otozuki

Mikiko Shiraki, Tatsuya Kawaguchi, Junichi Kato

Megumi Iino, Atsuko Iezuka, Rin Garan, Ryosuke Kobayashi, Yukari Suzuki, Yuji Takase, Ryuho Tanso
Noboru Nakayama, Manami Hannya, Rintaro Higashi, Chikako Funayama, Junta Furukawa, Maho Mugishima

Hiroka Kuwahara, Anana Sawada, Haru Shimaze
Tsubaki Omura, Runa Tomo, Risa Masuda


Angela Aki Music
I have been invited to participate in the musical "In This Corner of the World" as the music director. I wanted to be a musical composer, so I enrolled in a music college in the United States 10 years ago and re-studied composition. I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to encounter such a wonderful work after this learning experience. A musical needs a clear answer to the question "Why are you adapting it for the stage?" After hearing this story, I read the original work by Kono Fumiyo again and was deeply moved by the greatness of the work. Then, when I read the script written by Ueda Ikko, I clearly understood the meaning of adapting this work for the stage. What is family? What are bonds? Where do I belong? I was excited to be able to help convey the strength and kindness of the characters who struggle but always move forward. Ueda's beautiful script has room for music, and I could feel his thoughts such as "I want a piece of music here." What did Suzu think here, and what did Shusaku feel at this moment? Was it regret, anger, or sadness? As I reread Ueda's script and the original work over and over again, and through trial and error, I was able to get to know the characters' hearts more and more. Sometimes I would ask Ueda to sing the lines, because they would resonate more strongly with me. In this way, I wrote nearly 30 songs over the course of a year, working closely with Ueda. Then, when we held a workshop where the actors read the script and sang, I realized that this would be a great musical! At that stage, I felt that I had been able to get into the minds and hearts of the characters and empathize with each scene through music. With just a little time left until the play is adapted, I am savoring the joy of creating this musical, which can be called a comprehensive work of art. I hope that the hearts of everyone who sees this work at the venue will be gently enveloped in the kindness that colors the work.

Natsumi Kon as Suzu Urano (double cast)
The original manga has been adapted into a film and a live-action drama, and has continued to be reborn in various forms, so I am excited to see what kind of musical adaptation of "In This Corner of the World" will be born this time. When I first came across this work, I was impressed by the way the characters lived their lives to the fullest, finding small happiness in their daily lives. The cast and staff hope to carefully depict the daily life and history of a Japan that once existed on stage.

Sakurako Ohara as Suzu Urano (double cast)
When I read the script, the tears wouldn't stop. And when I heard the music that I will be singing in the play, my desire to play Suzu in this work was strengthened once again. This is a work that is loved by many people, even in animation and other forms, and I believe that as a Japanese person, I must approach this work with a great sense of responsibility and resolve in order to deliver the content of this work to the audience. I will do my best to act in this work so that it will be loved and engraved in the hearts of people of all ages, from children to adults.

Naoto Kaiho as Shusaku Hojo (double cast)
This time I will be playing Shusaku. I am truly honored to be involved in the premiere musical adaptation of this timeless masterpiece that has been loved in various forms such as movies and dramas. When I first came across this work, I was drawn in and moved by the vivid warmth and breathing in the plainly depicted daily life. I will approach the work so that I can convey the message of this story to everyone through my own body. Please look forward to the musical "In This Corner of the World" that will be made with wonderful creators and cast members.

Ryodai Murai as Shusaku Hojo (double cast)
I saw the film version of this work with my grandmother at the cinema. I remember asking her many questions after the screening. She told me about the food shortages at the time, the wisdom of daily life, the scars of war, and the fact that there was nothing at the time. However, the work carefully depicts various human relationships. The joy of living, wisdom, the small joys of everyday life, and the positive attitude of Japanese people. I am very interested in creating a musical that captures these subtleties and sets them to a wonderful melody that resonates deep in the heart. A history that must not be forgotten. I will do my best to create a work that will stay in people's hearts.

Aya Hirano as Rin Shiraki (double cast)
When I first encountered the worldview and music at the audition, I really felt the significance of it being a musical, not a straight play, and I hope that the message of this work will be gently showered on many people. 78 years have passed since the end of the war, and by realistically conveying life at that time, I hope that people will be able to feel the joy, happiness, and conflict of each person's life who lived through such a harsh history. I will cherish what I see and feel as Rin, and live my role to the best of my ability.

Reika Sakurai as Rin Shiraki (double cast)
As long as we live in this world, war is something we are familiar with and must never forget. I felt that this work conveyed that fact with gentleness and quiet severity. Following the movie and drama, this work has been made into a musical. I'm sure it will be able to deliver a new message.

Hayato Onozuka as Tetsu Mizuhara (double cast)
This time, I will be playing the role of Mizuhara Tetsu. Since I started this job, I have had the opportunity to appear in several productions on the theme of war, and while I work as an actor, which is a form of entertainment, I am reminded every time I start a production that we must not forget about Japan's history, and that we must not forget that the peace we have today is due to such facts. Whenever I am involved in a work on the theme of war, I will try to remember those events and act with care. I also hope to be able to deliver "peace" to everyone through the wonderful music created by Angela Aki.

Yui Kobayashi as Tetsu Mizuhara (double cast)
It's a story that could have actually happened, based on historical facts. I felt that this work shows us that human warmth existed even in the harsh wartime environment that is unimaginable today. I am proud to be able to take part in this work that is being reborn as a musical, but at the same time I feel a strong sense of responsibility. I will do my best to deliver the truth of the work and Mizuhara Satoshi honestly and carefully. I hope that when you leave the theater, you will take home something important.

Naru Komukai as Sumi Urano
When I was 5 years old, my grandmother used to tell me stories about wartime. At the time, I imagined it as if it were from another world, just as I was young. However, through this film, I learned that people who lived in that era had the same worries and happiness in their daily lives as we do, and I felt much closer to them than when I heard my grandmother's stories. I am very happy to be able to participate in this production. And I would like to deliver this wonderful work to everyone with all my heart.

Otozuki Katsura as Keiko Kuromura
I am honored to have had the opportunity to be involved in a work that is loved by so many people and will surely be passed down for many years to come. It is a story of people who lived through turbulent times with strength and beauty... I would like to deliver it with all my heart and soul. I hope it will be a warm performance that touches the hearts of everyone.

Performance Schedule

[Tokyo Performance]
Opening day: Thursday, May 9th - closing day: Thursday, May 30th
Nissay Theatre

[National tour performance]
June Hokkaido performance Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru
June Iwate Performance Tosai Classic Hall Iwate Large Hall (Iwate Prefectural Civic Center)
June: Niigata performance at Niigata Prefectural Civic Center, large hall
June: Aichi performance at Misonoza
July: Nagano performance at Matsumoto City Performing Arts Center
July Ibaraki Performance Mito Civic Hall Globis Hall
July Osaka performance Sky Theater MBS
July Hiroshima performance at Kure Shinkin Bank Hall

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