100cm height difference! Your heart is bound to be excited by this big girl! “Magic, Boku and Big Master” Volume 2 will be released on February 20th!

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we will be introducing romantic comedy works published by Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo). This time, I would like to introduce you to ``Magic, Boku, and Big Master''.

"Magic, Me, and the Big Master"will begin serialization in Monthly Comic Zenon from June 2022. The story begins when Hinata, a boy who dreams of becoming a wizard, becomes an apprentice to Esmeralda, a witch who is 243cm tall.

The perfect scene for Valentine's Day to pick up is the scene where Hinata is held in a princess hug by Esmeralda. It is impressive to see Hinata unable to move while receiving kind words.

I wonder if Esmeralda's chocolate for Hinata is as big as her height. I want it to be handmade, not magic. By the way, this scene is featured in Volume 1, so be sure to read it.

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Volume 2 will be released on February 20th! Release of the calligraphy!

Volume 2 of ``Mahou to Boku to Dekkai Master'', a doting romantic comedy about a doting teacher and student with a height difference of 100 cm, will be released on February 20th, in which love and gags are alternately depicted. A transcript was also released.

The second volume of attention, where a powerful rival appears in the magical training that brings Esmeralda and Hinata closer together. Pre-order and wait for the release date.

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