“Mogrand”, where fear comes from “below”, is now being serialized by the WEB Zenon Editorial Department!

Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will begin serializing "Mogrand" (author: Mizu Potato) in the WEB Zenon Editorial Department from Friday, February 23, 2024.

Fear comes from below.

From February 23rd (Friday), the WEB Zenon editorial department began serializing ``Mogrand''. This is a mole survival horror where resort part-time participants are frightened by the fear that comes from below.

Mogu decides to join his childhood friend for a resort part-time job on Monkura Island. Although she is disgusted by the domineering attitude of the other participants, what she is more concerned about are the mysterious flesh-eating mole holes all over the island, the suspicious spider lilies, and the smiling islanders. What is the true nature of the fear that suddenly attacks the participants from underground, where they cannot see even 1mm ahead? Fear comes from below. Mole survival horror!

▼Serial media▼
WEB Zenon Editorial Department

▼Serialization start date▼
Serialization starts on Friday, February 23rd

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