The second volume of "Cat and Gentleman's Tea Room", where you will be fascinated by "Today's Tea" provided by Ikeoji, has been reprinted!

Volume 2 of ``Cat and Gentleman's Tea Room'' published by Coa Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) has been reprinted.

“Cat and Gentleman’s Tea Room” will begin serialization in “Monthly Comic Zenon” from August 2022. The latest volume 3 has a recommendation comment from Kenjiro Tsuda, who is active in a wide range of fields including voice actors, actors, and movie directors, and has become a hot topic. Volume 2 has now been reprinted and is attracting even more attention.

A coffee shop run by the owner, Taki, and his beloved cat, Keemun. For customers who come here seeking solace, the owner, Taki, offers ``tea of the day'' tailored to the occasion. A heartwarming tea story that heals with tea and clumsy hospitality.

Book title: Cat and Gentleman's Tea Room Volume 2
Author: Morikoros
Publisher: Coamix
Regular price: 726 yen each (660 yen each + tax)

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