"Are there no gals who are kind to otaku!?" (Almost) life-size posters to be given away in commemoration of the reprinting of volumes 5 and 6

To commemorate the reprinting of volumes 5 and 6 of “There Are No Gals Who Are Kind to Otakus!?” (original story by Norishiro-chan, manga by Uozumi Sakana) published by Coa Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo), a giveaway campaign for B0 posters will be held on the Zenon Comics promotional SNS accounts.

"There are no gals who are kind to otakus?!"B0 Poster

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It's a B0 poster with Ijichi and Amane looking up at you with pleading eyes. Take this opportunity to apply and celebrate the reprint.

"There are no Gals who are kind to Otaku!?" Volumes 5 and 6 are now in reprint!

"There Are No Gals Who Are Kind to Otaku!?" is a hugely popular comic that has sold over 500,000 copies since it began serialization in the monthly Comic Zenon magazine in August 2021. The fifth volume and the sixth volume, which was just released in February, have now been reprinted.

▼Volume 5 Synopsis▼
Ijichi and Otaku-kun are celebrating Amane's birthday. The two go to the shopping mall to choose a present. Instead of shopping, the two end up getting closer to each other! And will Amane be happy with the birthday surprise?

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▼Volume 6 Synopsis▼
Otaku-kun is thinking of getting a part-time job to buy a Christmas present for Amane and Ijichi. When Ijichi hears about it, he says, "Let's work together!" Furthermore, after the three of them go to see the illuminations, Ijichi's feelings change...

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In volumes 5 and 6, their feelings towards the otaku change dramatically. Don't miss this chance to read it.

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