[Valkyrie of the End] Original goods <Off-shot collection> A close look at the two on their way home!!

Images of Adam and Zeus from the original ``Valkyrie of the End'' merchandise published by Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) have been posted on social media, creating a buzz.

The Valkyrie of the End off-shot collection ``Acrylic Stand Adam'' and the Walküre of the End off-shot collection ``Acrylic Stand Zeus'', which started selling at Coamix's official online shop ``Zenon Shop'' on February 1st, are posing for a photo side by side. ing. On the way home, I looked back. If you instinctively follow him, you can almost imagine them both taking a detour.

X of Zenon Comics PromotionHere, I am making comments based on the situation, ``Please be careful when leaving school and work.'' Please look forward to more posts from #OwaruOffSho in the future.

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Valkyrie of the End Off Shot Collection now on sale!!

Valkyrie of the End Offshot Collection
acrylic stand adam

[Price] 1,430 yen (tax included)

Currently, the Zenon Shop sells many goods from Zenon Comics works, including the Walkure of the End Offshot Collection. Please take this opportunity to shop.

zenon shop

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