``Absolutely ◯◯'' ``I knew it in an instant'' One member of the popular group became a hot topic after comparing the members to the characters from ``Walkure of the End''

Daisuke Sakuma, a member of the popular idol group Snow Man, posted on SNS that Teru Iwamoto, a member of the group, will appear in "Shuumen no Valkyrie" (published and released by Coamix), creating a hot topic.

Daisuke Sakuma posted a photo of Teru Iwamoto at 11:45 p.m. on February 9th, saying that he looks like he will appear in "Walkure of the End."People who saw it commented, ``Absolutely ◯◯'' and ``I tried searching, but I think it's about ◯◯.''

Regarding this post,X of Zenon Comics PromotionI have also posted a quote.

See actual post

The post promoting Zenon Comics has over 6,000 likes as of now (February 10th, 20:00).
Although the image is pasted with the comment "It's cool",
It is not stated which character he resembles. The debate is likely to continue for some time.

The extremely popular comic ``Walkure of the End'', which has sold over 15 million copies in total, began serialization in Monthly Comic Zenon in November 2017. Currently, up to the 20th volume of comics has been published. In October 2023, it will be read vertically and in full color. The anime is currently being distributed on Netflix until season 2. There are laughs, tears, and drama, so be sure to watch the final battle between God and humanity in a variety of ways.

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