“There are only 5 copies in the world” “Valkyrie of the End” A3 poster giveaway campaign is being held! commemorate the birth

To commemorate the birthday of Emperor Qin Qin, who appears in ``The End of Valkyrie'' published by Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo), we are holding an A3 poster giveaway campaign on Zenon Comics promotional SNS. Masu.

"Valkyrie of the End"First Emperor A3 Poster

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・5 people will be selected by lottery (including X & Instagram)

February 19th (Sunday) ~ February 25th (Sunday) all day long

Just like the famous line, ``I am the only king in the world,'' this poster is a rare item, with only 5 copies in the world. Take this opportunity to apply and celebrate your birthday.

“Valkyrie of the End” Volume 20 is now on sale!

▼Volume 20 synopsis▼
The ninth round of the battle between Sparta's strongest rebel, King Leonidas, and the beautiful sun god, Apollo, unfolds with neither side giving up an inch. Also, King Leonidas has an unusual obsession with Apollo, but there is a deep connection...

The latest volume 21 will be released on March 19th. Pre-order and wait for the release date!

Pre-order “Valkyrie of the End” Volume 21

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