[Now is your chance] A campaign to give away an A3 poster of Shaka from "Record of Ragnarok" is being held to celebrate his birth!

To celebrate the birthday of Shaka, a character in Record of Ragnarok, published by Coa Mix Inc. (Musashino City, Tokyo), we will be holding an A3 poster giveaway campaign on the Zenon Comics promotional SNS.

・"Record of Ragnarok" Shaka A3 poster

・Follow Zenon Comics promotional SNS accounts!!

X Account
[Relevant postRepost!!
Instagram account
[Relevant postnice!!

8 winners will be selected by lottery(X & Instagram combined)

April 8 (month) ~ April 15 (month) all day long
In honor of the "8th" of the month, the prize will be given to "8" lucky winners. Take this opportunity to enter and celebrate your birthday.

Volume 21 of "Record of Ragnarok" is now on sale!

The latest volume 21 of "Record of Ragnarok", which kicks off with the 10th match between Shinsengumi First Division Captain Okita Souji and the original sword god Susanoo no Mikoto, is now on sale.

▼Volume 21 Synopsis▼
The fierce battle between Sparta's strongest rebel, King Leonidas, and the sun god, Apollo, has finally come to an end! What will the outcome be for the two men who clash so violently? And the 10th match is between the captain of the first division of the Shinsengumi, Souji Okita, and the sword god of the beginning, Susanoo no Mikoto!
The latest volume focuses on the fierce battle between a "man" and a "god" who have mastered the art of swordsmanship. If you are interested, be sure to buy it.

Purchase Volume 21 of Shuumatsu no Valkyrie

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