[Bookstore Fair Held] To commemorate the release of Volume 1 of “The Great Powers Front”, newly illustrated cards will be distributed at bookstores nationwide

Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will hold a "Human Extinction Manga Festival" at approximately 500 bookstores nationwide on March 19th (Tuesday) to commemorate the release of Volume 1 of "The Great Power Front". Masu. Participating bookstores will be distributing newly drawn illustration cards.

[Event schedule]
From Tuesday, March 19, 2024 (*until the end of bonus distribution/end of handling at each store)

[Holding store]
You can check the list of target stores from the page below.

[Event details]
For those who have purchased the first volume of “The Great Powers Front” released on March 19, 2024.
Limited edition illustration cardGet it as a present!

*Limited quantity and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
*Distribution method may differ depending on the situation of the distribution store.
*For information on the distribution status of benefits, please contact the target bookstore of your choice.

Eyes are on from all over the world! “Great Powers Front” Volume 1 will be released on March 19th (Tuesday)!

"Great Powers Front"will begin serialization in "Monthly Comic Zenon" in October 2023. The long-awaited first volume will be released on March 19th (Tuesday). It is a work that has been attracting attention all over the world even before its release, as can be seen on social media posts from overseas.

The year is 2206, and due to environmental pollution and resource depletion, humans have only 100 years left to live on Earth. Meanwhile, in order to reduce the world's population with the aim of preserving the survival of humanity, it is decided that a war will be held to decide which country will be destroyed.

“Great Powers Front” Volume 1
Release date: March 19, 2024
List price: 726 yen (tax included)
Read trial:
Editing/Publishing/Sales: Coa Mix

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