Commemorating the release of the first volume of "The Great Powers Front", which depicts the battle between boys and girls! Poster giveaway campaign held!

To commemorate the release of Volume 1 of "The Great Powers Front" (Natsuko Uruma) published by Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo), we will be holding an A3 poster giveaway campaign on the Zenon Comics promotion SNS.

"Great Powers Front"A3 poster

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March 19 (Fire) ~ March 31 (Sunday) all day long

This is an impressive A3 poster that makes you wonder how the battle between Japan representative Renichi Saien and British representative Albie Hiddleston will turn out. Take this opportunity to apply and celebrate the release of the first volume.

“Great Powers Front” Volume 1 is now on sale!

▼Volume 1 synopsis▼
In 2206, due to environmental pollution and resource depletion, humanity has only 100 years left to survive. Meanwhile, humans are told by the artificial intelligence Gaia that humans are the cause of the disaster, and in order to reduce the world's population, they decide to hold a proxy war called ``Battle to Determine the Destroyed Country'' to select a country to destroy. Starting with the first match: Japan vs. England, a tournament for boys and girls with the survival of the nation at stake begins!
Read ``The Great Powers Front'' and become a witness to the heated battle for the survival of the country.

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