RIKU from "THE RAMPAGE" stars in "Maeda Keiji Kabuki Journey STAGE&LIVE ~Higo no Tora Kato Kiyomasa Edition~" to be performed in Tokyo and Osaka in September!


It has been decided that "Maeda Keiji Kabuki Journey STAGE & LIVE ~The Tiger of Higo, Kato Kiyomasa Edition~" will be performed in Tokyo and Osaka in September 2024.
The Tokyo performance will run from September 27th (Friday) to October 6th (Sunday) at the new Theater H, which is scheduled to open in June, and the Osaka performance will run from October 31st (Thursday) to November 4th (Monday, holiday) at Sankei Hall Breeze.

This story depicts the unrestrained lifestyle of Maeda Keiji, a man who lived through the Warring States period as the most eccentric of his time!
The latest historical manga by manga artist Hara Tetsuo, "Maeda Keiji Kabuki Journey" (original story: Hara Tetsuo, Horie Nobuhiko/illustrations: Deguchi Masato) is being adapted for the stage.
Hara, who created the unprecedented hit manga "Fist of the North Star," has written many masterpieces and popular period pieces, including "Hana no Keiji: Beyond the Clouds" (based on the original work by Ryu Keiichiro, "Ichimyouan Furyuuki") and the "Gifu Dodo!! Naoe Kanetsugu" series, and this latest work is also a popular work with a loyal fan base.
The story depicts Keiji visiting heroes all over Japan after the Battle of Sekigahara. Many famous military commanders who are beloved not only in Japan but all over the world appear in the story, and one of the charms of the story is the vivid portrayal of these characters.

Maeda Keiji's journey begins!
The much-anticipated role of Keiji Maeda will be played by RIKU, the vocalist of LDH JAPAN's popular dance and vocal group "THE RAMPAGE." He will use his dance-trained performance skills and exceptional physical abilities to create a new Keiji Maeda.

And the role of "Kato Kiyomasa, the Tiger of Higo," one of the highlights of this production, will be played by Atsushi Shiramata, who is active not only in musicals and straight plays but also in film productions.

Furthermore, Gon'ichi, who becomes a retainer of the protagonist, Maeda Keiji, will be played by Hirano Ryo, who has appeared in numerous productions ranging from 2.5-dimensional works to straight plays and musicals.

The cast also includes fresh and unique actors such as Matsui Yuho, Suga Takamasa, Osaki Naoki, Matsuda Gaku, Tanaka Shigemi, Kotaro, Haruka, TETO, Taniyama Yume, Ryogoku Hiroshi, and Hiryu Tsukasa.

Furthermore, veteran actors such as Moro Shioka and Kawasaki Mayo add depth and richness to the work.

The main show plus a mini live performance will captivate you!!
This production will feature a mini live performance after the main show. Please look forward to the captivating performances of warlords including Maeda Keiji.

[Comments have arrived!]
Comments have arrived from the original author, Horie Nobuhiko, and on behalf of the cast, RIKU, who plays Maeda Keiji, Shiramata Atsushi, who plays Kato Kiyomasa, and Hirano Ryo, who plays Gon'ichi!

Original story by Nobuhiko Horie
It is difficult to bring the extremely eccentric Maeda Keiji from manga into reality, and in fact, up until now we have deliberately had a woman play the role.
This stage production will take on that challenge, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this cast bring the men from the manga to reality.

Keiji Maeda / RIKU (THE RAMPAGE)
I'm RIKU, and I'll be playing the role of Maeda Keiji!!
I still have a lot to learn as an actor, but I would like to continue to work hard to grow even further, using what I have learned from the productions I have appeared in so far and from the people I have worked with!
The entire company will come together to deliver a performance that will surely excite everyone, so please look forward to it!

Kato Kiyomasa / Atsushi Shiramata
This is Atsushi Shiramata, playing the role of Kato Kiyomasa.
I will be playing a famous historical figure, so I would like to study hard and do my best in the role.
There will also be a live performance, so the cast and staff, led by the star RIKU, will work hard on rehearsals from now on so that we can create a great production.
It's a work that I would like many people to come and see.
Thank you for your support!

Gonichiyaku/Ryo Hirano
I am Ryo Hirano, who plays Gonichi. I am honored to be involved in this thrilling production that is full of the conviction and spirit of a turbulent era.
I believe that the intentions and misunderstandings that exist in this era, as well as the contradictory trust and collusion, still have an appeal to modern society.
The action is sure to be spectacular and a spectacular show.
However, Gonichi may not fight much as he takes on a narrator-like role, but I will do my best to add spice and accent to the work with my words and movements, and act as a lubricant.

Kakurimono are people who love unusual appearances and eccentric actions, and live their lives according to their own will!
One year after the Battle of Sekigahara, Hinomoto was on the verge of peace.
Maeda Keiji, who was once granted the "Law of Pardon for the Evil" by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the ruler of Japan, and fought in many battles as a lawful lord, now lives in seclusion in Kyoto.
One day, Keiji hears from a wandering gambler, Gonichi, a legend of treasure rumored to lie somewhere in Kyushu.
Seeking a taste of war in a world without war, Keiji decides to travel to Higo in Kyushu, calling it a "manly sight-seeing trip."
Waiting in the fertile land of Higo was Kato Kiyomasa, the Tiger of Higo, known as Wasamon (a Higo dialect word meaning "eccentric").
As both true warriors, Keiji and Kiyomasa immediately hit it off.
Before long, the two become embroiled in a huge conspiracy surrounding the treasure, involving the Tokugawa family and the Southern Barbarians...
The great eccentricities of the powerful men who lived in the Warring States period are about to begin!

[Performance Summary]
Title: "Keiji Maeda Kabuki Journey STAGE & LIVE ~Tiger of Higo, Kiyomasa Kato Edition~"
Original work: Tetsuo Hara, Nobuhiko Horie, Masato Deguchi "Keiji Maeda Kabuki Journey" (Monthly Comic Zenon/Coa Mix)
Screenplay: Daisuke Tanaka
Directed by: Kako Rinno
Choreography: Shinnosuke Motoyama

Kato Kiyomasa: White Atsushi
Gonichi: Ryo Hirano
Muneshige Tachibana: Yuho Matsui
Left Guard: Takamasa Suga
Hyogosuke Yagyu: Natsuki Osaki
Kojiro Sasaki: Takeru Matsuda
Kakubei Iida: Shigemi Tanaka
Morimoto Gidayu: Kotaro
Yuki Sasaki: Haruka
Courtesan: Yume Taniyama
Captain Cicatrice: Ryokuni Hiroshi
Garcia: Hiryuu Tsukasa
Tokugawa Ieyasu: Moro Shioka
Father Jose Garcia: Mayo Kawasaki
Ensemble: Tomonori Tsukada/Daisuke Iwasaki/Eisaku Sasahara/Takashi Kunogi/Seiya Shirasaki/Shogo Samukawa

[Performance Dates]

September 27 (Friday) to October 6 (Sunday), 2024
Theater H (1-6-29 Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0012)

Preschool children are not allowed. Doors open 45 minutes before the start of the show.

October 31, 2024 (Thursday) - November 4, 2024 (Monday, closed)
Sankei Hall Breeze (2-4-9 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 530-0001)

Preschool children are not allowed. Doors open 45 minutes before the start of the show.

Ticket price: All seats reserved: 12,000 yen (tax included)
Ticket sales:
Fan club advance sale (lottery) May 13th (Mon) 15:00 - May 19th (Sun) 23:59
General advance sale (lottery) June 12th (Wed) 15:00 - June 16th (Sun) 23:59
General sale: August 3rd (Sat) 10:00~
Tickets: ticketbook
Produced by: ABC & SET
Organized by: "Maeda Keiji Kabuki Journey STAGE & LIVE" Production Committee

Official site
OfficialX @maedakeijistage

Ticket inquiries: ticketbook Customer Center (Japanese only)
Phone: 0570-009-098 Reception hours: 11:00-18:00 (irregular holidays)
*Ticket applications will not be accepted over the phone.
*The lines may be busy and it may be difficult to make a call.
For inquiries about the performance, please contact the performance

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