A new WEBTOON series will start on Saturday, April 27th: "On the run from the prince's broken engagement, I teamed up with the saint who insisted that 'this is the world of a girls' game!' in order to achieve a happy ending."

Coamix Inc. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will begin serialization of "On the Run from the Prince's Engagement Cancellation: I Teamed Up with the Saint Who Insisted that 'This is the World of a Girl's Game!' to Get a Happy Ending" (original story: Ichibunzaki (Everystar), story composition: Yumisaki, illustrations: MAGE, Damdam, yoonmi, Enewald, Vanilla) on LINE Manga and ebookjapan from Saturday, April 27, 2024.

Starting Saturday, April 27th, LINE Manga and ebookjapan will begin serialization of "Running Away from the Prince's Engagement Breakoff: Teaming Up with the Saint Who Insists that 'This is the World of an Otome Game!' to Get a Happy Ending." The story is about a "Saint" from another world who helps Kate, who is engaged to the handsome second prince, Gilbert, to make their love come true.

"I'm on the run after my engagement is broken off by the prince, but I've teamed up with the saint who insists that 'this is the world of an otome game!' in order to get a happy ending."

Original work: Ichibunzaki (Everystar)
Name composition: Yumisaki

In the kingdom of Ernesia, it is customary for royal families to marry "Saints" with mysterious powers. Kate was born as a saint in this country and is engaged to the second prince, Gilbert, but for some reason he continues to treat her coldly. At that time, a new "Saint" is summoned from another world. Fearing that Gilbert will break off their engagement, Kate tries to escape from the castle, but the "Saint" from the other world herself offers to help her...!?

▼Serial media▼
LINE Manga

▼Serialization start date▼
Serialization begins on Saturday, April 27, 2024

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