A popular work that has been reprinted one after another! “Unsung Cinderella Hospital Pharmacist Midori Aoi” Volume 11 is now on sale! The latest volume 12 will be released on April 19th!

``Unsung Cinderella Hospital Pharmacist Midori Aoi'' published by Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) is currently on sale up to volume 11. The latest volume 12 will be released on April 19th.

“Unsung Cinderella Hospital Pharmacist Midori Aoi”is a full-fledged pharmacist manga depicting Midori Aoi, who works as a pharmacist at a general hospital, working in the medical field. Currently, up to Volume 11 has been published, and Volume 12 will be released on April 19th.

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Volume 8, which was recently reprinted, includes:Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is a mental illness in which children intentionally injure their children, make them sick, and try to gain sympathy and attention from those around them by playing the role of a caring parent.The story has been published and is often talked about on SNS.

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“Unsung Cinderella” Manga Catalog

Book title: Unsung Cinderella Hospital Pharmacist Midori Aoi 1-11
Author: Arai Mamale medical draft/Hiromitsu Tomino
Publisher: Coamix
Regular price: 726 yen each (660 yen each + tax)

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