I am an onaji with you, “Whirlpool God, Fission Proliferation Human” has started serialization in the WEB Zenon Editorial Department!

Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will be publishing “Whirlpool God Fission Proliferation Human” (Manga: Takami Yamaguchi, original work: Mitsuru Oshiro (peep)) at WEB Zenon Editorial Department from Friday, February 23, 2024. ) will be serialized.

Infinitely multiplying malice! Start living together with “Nigo”!

From February 23rd (Friday), the WEB Zenon editorial department began serializing ``Whirlpool God: Fission and Proliferation Human''. The story begins when Satoru Takeichi, also known as Ichigo, has his finger amputated and ends up living with Nigo, who suddenly appears.

Satoru Takeichi, also known as Ichigo, works at a sawmill. While working, he got into a mechanical problem and severed the first joint of his little finger on his right hand. However, when I looked for the cut off part, I couldn't find it. Ichigo went straight to the hospital and received treatment, and when he returned to his apartment after being hospitalized for several days, he found another version of himself... From there, a strange shared life with another [Nigo] begins...

▼Serial media▼
WEB Zenon Editorial Department

▼Serialization start date▼
Serialization starts on Friday, February 23rd

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Ichigo can't hide his surprise when Nigo insists, "I'm yours." What will happen to the two? Please pay attention to future developments.

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