3 minutes only! No Overtime Work ``3 Minute Yojimbo Yoko-chan'' Volume 1 will be released on February 20th!

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we will be introducing romantic comedy works published by Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo). This time, I would like to introduce you to "3 Minute Yojimbo Yoko-chan".

“3 Minute Bodyguard Yoko-chan”will begin serialization in Monthly Comic Zenon from January 2023. The main character is Jose, the son of a wealthy man in the unstable town of "Barenfato". A brash and wealthy man, he is targeted by bad guys every time he goes out. Yoko-chan, a cute and powerful bodyguard, protects him and protects him by defeating bad guys in an instant. However, her working time is 3 minutes...

The scene I picked up on Valentine's Day is the scene where Jose says something heartless to Yoko-chan when she sees Yoko-chan in a rare panic. The cool Yoko-chan is about to go home with a straight face, showing a different side to her usual self. When communicating with someone, whether you have feelings for them or not, keep in mind that inconsiderate words can hurt the other person.

The first volume of the book released on February 20, 2024 has been released!

The first volume of ``3-minute Yojimbo Yoko-chan'', a slapstick pure comedy written by Susano Hara and illustrated by Shino Sakamoto, which won the Zenon Manga Award, will be released on February 20th.

Be sure to pre-order the much-anticipated first volume and wait for the release date!

Pre-order Volume 1

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