[New Coa Mix] Zenon Comics released on Thursday, March 7th!

Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) released two Zenon comics on Thursday, March 7, 2024.

Two Zenon comics released!!

“The Strongest Magician Without Common Sense” Volume 1
Original idea/Shinji Islands Original work/Koji Aotsuki/Skyfarm Manga/Takumi Seno Cooperation/peep

An exhilarating fantasy built from the bottom up with unconventional magic!
Luke, who taught himself magic using the spellbook his parents left him, takes the exam for the Conqueror School, an institution that trains people to conquer monsters' dens. However, Luke's magic is so powerful that he fails the entrance exam. He has no choice but to become a self-centered conqueror, but magicians labeled as self-centered are usually treated as failures...
Episode 1 preview reading

“Unrevealed True Identity: The Strongest Thread User Becomes the Grim Reaper of Revenge” Volume 6
Original work/Polka Manga/Kuronoyami Character design/pica

A hot topic at each e-bookstore! The long-awaited final volume!
King Sima's army attacks one after another, targeting Rifitel. Meanwhile, it becomes known to Sima's army that the masked man protecting her is actually a "thread user." Among the soldiers is Lindell, a close friend of Camus who knew him well in the past... Then, King Sima himself attacks the castle and an all-out showdown breaks out! The final volume of attention!
Episode 1 preview reading

Editing/Publishing/Sale: Coamix

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