Starring Norika Fujiwara, Ayame Goriki, and Reiko Takashima, Meijiza's 150th anniversary final performance stage play "Mage the Cat's Eye" The first gorgeous visual of the three lead actors has been released!

 The final performance of Meiji-za's 50th anniversary stage play ``Mage the Cat's Eye'' will be performed at Meiji-za, Tokyo from Tuesday, February 6, 2024 to Sunday, March 3, 2024. “CAT’S♥EYE” has gained explosive popularity since its release in 1981, and continues to be loved even in the current Reiwa era. The manga has not only been made into anime and live-action movies, but has also been mixed with various media. This stage version is an original story set in the Meiji era, the era in which Meiji-za was founded, and in which the three sisters of the phantom thief Cat's Eye perform their most vivid thievery. The three sisters of the phantom thief Cat's Eye, who are the main characters of the story, are triple-starred by Norika Fujiwara as Hitomi Kousou, Reiko Takashima as Tezumi Kousou, and Ayame Goriki as Ai Kousou.

Co-stars include Rurika Miya, an original character from the stage version, who plays the mysterious person who appears at the coffee shop run by the three sisters, Toshiyuki Sometani, who plays Toshio Utsumi, Hitomi's lover and the police officer who chases Cat's Eye, and Takeshi Hirano, a detective who is Utsumi's junior. A unique cast from a wide variety of genres gathers, with Ryuji Ueyama playing the role and Hatsunori Hasegawa playing the role of Michael Heinz, the father of the three sisters!

Furthermore, we will deliver a unique cast with the addition of Takuji Kawakubo, Minami Tsukui, Himeka Shintani, etc. We will be releasing the first visual of the three lead actors, Norika Fujiwara, Ayame Goriki, and Reiko Takashima. We would appreciate it if you would consider covering this in your media.

[Performance overview]

Performance name: Meijiza 150th Anniversary Final Performance Stage “Mage the Cat’s Eye”
Original work: Hojo Tsukasa "CAT’S♥EYE"
Screenplay: Udai Iwasaki (Kamomentaru)
Direction: Masahiko Kawahara
Cast: Norika Fujiwara, Ayame Goriki / Toshiyuki Sometani, Ryuji Kamiyama / Hatsunori Hasegawa /
Takuji Kawakubo Minami Tsukui Himeka Araya/Rurika Miya/Reiko Takashima

≪After event guest≫
February 12th (Monday) 17:00 performance: Masahiko Kawahara / February 17th (Saturday) 17:00 performance: Hiroki Nanami / February 20th (Tuesday) 17:00 performance: Eiichiro Funakoshi /
February 23rd (Friday) 17:00 Performance: Croquette / February 24th (Saturday) 17:00 Performance: Rei Dan/
February 27th (Tuesday) 17:00 Performance: Ken Matsudaira / March 1st (Friday) 17:00 Performance / March 2nd (Saturday) 17:00 Performance: Yoshihiko Aramaki

Price (tax included): 12:00 start...S seats (1st and 2nd floor seats) 13,000 yen A seats (3rd floor seats) 7,000 yen
                                 Sengoku Raku (3/3 noon)…S seat (1st and 2nd floor seats) 13,500 yen A seat (3rd floor seat) 7,000 yen
General release date: December 17, 2023 (Sunday) 10:00~
Official X (old Twitter): @meijiza_theater
Official site
Inquiries regarding performances: Meijiza Ticket Center 03-3666-6666 (10:00-17:00)

 [Original information]

Hojo Tsukasa『CAT’S♥EYE

Tsukasa Hojo's first serialized work, which began serialization in 1981 in Weekly Shonen Jump.
The thrilling romantic comedy and crime action made it popular, and it was made into a TV anime in 1983, with the theme song becoming a huge hit.

The three beautiful sisters who run the cafe Cat's Eye, Hitomi, Tears, and Ai, have another face. That person is Cat's Eye, a mysterious thief who steals works of art in order to find out the truth about his missing father. Detective Toshio Utsumi is determined to arrest the mysterious thief ``Cat's Eye,'' but he does not know that her true identity is Hitomi, his lover. While the phantom thief and the detective engage in a battle of battle with each other, what will happen to the romance between Hitomi and Toshio, who continue to date?

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