Netflix movie “City Hunter” will be distributed worldwide on Netflix on Thursday, April 25, 2024!!

At "Next on Netflix!," where the notable works of 2024 were announced, it was announced that "City Hunter" will be made into the long-awaited first live-action movie in Japan in Reiwa, and will be distributed worldwide on April 25th (Thursday). I did.

A thrilling adrenaline filled entertainment in which Ryo Saeba, the No. 1 sweeper responsible for taking care of society's troubles, runs around Shinjuku in the Reiwa era. He loves unparalleled beauty, and when he meets a beautiful woman, he loses his temper, but when he receives a request, he completes the job with his extraordinary gun skills, physical ability, and calm mind. The person who plays the cool, silly, and stubborn "Ryo Saeba" is Ryohei Suzuki, who is full of love for the work and says, "I create each scene with a sense of tension." The role of the heroine “Makimura Kaori” is played by Nozomi Morita. The story of “City Hunter” living in modern Shinjuku begins now! !

Summary of work


Netflix movie “City Hunter”

original work

Tsukasa Hojo “City Hunter”


Ryohei Suzuki, Nozomi Morita


Director: Yuichi Sato
Screenplay: Tatsuro Mishima
Executive producer: Shinichi Takahashi
Producer: Keisuke Sanpei, Okimasa Oshida
Production: Horipro, Office Shirouz
Original cooperation: Coa Mix
Produced by: Netflix

Exclusive worldwide distribution on April 25, 2024

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