The July 2024 issue of "Monthly Comic Zenon", featuring Susanoo no Mikoto and Okita Souji from "Record of Ragnarok" on the cover, will be released on Friday, May 24th!

Core Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will release the "Monthly Comic Zenon July 2024 Issue" on Friday, May 24th.

"Hanetin and Bukky's Children's Medical Records" cover and opening color!
The fighters from the 10th round grace the cover of "Record of Ragnarok"!

1. To celebrate the release of the second volume of the book! Includes a collection of famous lines! "Hanetin and Bukki's Children's Medical Records"

A man who runs an orthopedic clinic in a neighboring prefecture visits Oiwa Children's Clinic. The man visits Dr. Oiwa, but as the doctor is out, he chats with Bucky when a parent and child who are suffering from leg pain come in... To commemorate the release of the second volume of the comic, we feature Bucky's famous lines in color! Look back on the story with words that will help parents!

2. A warm cup of tea will comfort a woman who has lost her confidence! Already published and reprinted! "The Cat and the Gentleman's Tea Room"

Seeing the heavy rain outside, Taki decides to close up shop early. When he opens the door, he sees a drenched woman standing in front of him. Surprised, Taki invites her inside to get warm. The woman has lost confidence in her job search, and feels guilty about receiving such kind service from Taki even though the shop is about to close. Then, tea and sweets are offered to her, along with a sweet aroma.

3. Susanoo confronts Okita in a "strange stance"! "Record of Ragnarok"

The sacred treasure "Onikiri Ame no Murakumo" is wrapped in an extraordinary sword pressure. The stance that Susanoo no Mikoto took while holding it was truly "strange". What strategy will Okita Souji take as he confronts Susanoo while the audience stares in amazement? In the special edition, Zeus and Hades have a serious game of chess?

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Monthly Comic Zenon July 2024 issue
Price: 730 yen (tax included)
Edited, published and distributed by Coamix

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