New series "Record of Ragnarok: Apocalypse of the Gods" starts! "Monthly Comic Zenon August Issue" on sale 6/25 (Tue)!

Core Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will release the "Monthly Comic Zenon August 2024 Issue" on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

The new series "Record of Ragnarok: Apocalypse of the Gods" is in color on the front page!
The first spin-off about the gods has begun! The first match between the Sun God and the Demi-God Warrior begins!

1. The final war of the gods, by the gods of gods, for the gods!
 First match: Ra-Horakhty VS Cu Chulainn. The battle begins!

Zeus, Supreme Chairman of the Council of Valhalla, announces to the gods who will compete in the final battle between the gods and humans. The gods who were not selected then start to criticize. Zeus, who had foreseen this, immediately declares the holding of a forbidden festival where "gods" will fight "gods" in earnest for the last spot. Thus, the whole picture of the apocalypse, which is not told in the original work, is revealed!

2. Amane's heart is moved after spending the night with an otaku (in a separate room)! "Are there no gals who are kind to otaku!?" Double feature!

Amane and Otaku-kun spend the night in the same hotel (separate rooms). Amane was scheduled to do a live commentary of Kiramon in Otaku-kun's room from 10am, but she overslept and arrived in his room in her pajamas. Otaku-kun couldn't concentrate because they were "alone" in the hotel room and in his pajamas...

3. Volume 5 of the book is now on sale! Double feature! "Girlfriend Through the Filter"

On the second day of the craft club training camp, Hakobe and the others are preparing for the cultural festival. Under the supervision of the student council president, Lily, a simulation of a "healthy" con cafe was supposed to take place, but even Lily ends up showing off her proactive customer service skills...

Monthly Comic Zenon August 2024 issue
Price: 730 yen (tax included)
Edited, published and distributed by Coremix

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