[Congratulations] 13th anniversary!! “Monthly Comic Zenon December 2023 issue” released on Wednesday, October 25th!!

Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will be releasing the “Monthly Comic Zenon December Issue” on October 25th (Wednesday).

13th anniversary issue! "Valkyrie of the End" comes with a clear file!
Color of the new series “The Great Powers Front” volume! The battle between nations begins!

1. 1st place in the Best Bout vote for “Walkure of the End”! Round 4 newly drawn gorgeous supplement!
“Monthly Comic Zenon” 13th anniversary issue!
The results of the 1st Best Bout vote for the popular TV anime “Walkure of the End” are announced in color at the beginning!
With Jack the Ripper in the 4th round, who won first place out of a total of 14,947 votes.
Ajichika draws both Hercules! Special appendix clear file!
In the main story, the 9th round of King Leonidas VS Apollo is finally decided! This is sure to be a must-see commemorative issue for fans!

2. The battle for survival between countries begins! A huge new series! “The Great Powers Front” Volume 2 color!
In the year 2206, due to environmental pollution and resource depletion, humanity has only 100 years left to survive.
Humanity was told by the artificial intelligence Gaia that humans were the cause, and in order to reduce the number of humans,
The ``Battle to Determine the Ruin'' begins, a war to decide which nation will be destroyed.
In the first round, Britain and Japan's "surrogate heroes" clash!

3. Volume 1 is now on sale! Episode 2 of “Magic, Boku, and Big Master” is now available!
A romantic comedy between master and student with a height difference of 100cm is now available in color!
Hinata, an apprentice, is training under the witch Esmeralda.
This time, the two of them set off fireworks while practicing fire magic.
Seeing Hinata talking about the ephemerality of fireworks, Esmeralda thinks about various things...

Monthly Comic Zenon December 2023 issue
Regular price: 730 yen (tax included)
Editing/Publishing/Sales: Core Mix

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