[Released on Saturday, November 25th! ] Monthly Comic Zenon January 2024 issue information

Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) released “Monthly Comic Zenon January 2024 Issue” on Saturday, November 25, 2023.

Volume 1 of comics is now on sale! "Odin's Funeral" opening color!
Extremely popular! "Jack the Ripper's Case Files" will be on the cover!

1. “Vinland Saga” Makoto Yukimura highly praised! Full text of recommendation comments for ``Odin's Boat Funeral'' with over 1400 characters!
Luke is captured by the English army led by Nina, and receives information that his old enemy Einar is waiting in London. Once Luke heard about this, he headed to London as soon as possible, but he felt indebted to him for taking care of his injury, and ended up going on a mission to subjugate the Vikings with Nina and the others. The full text of Makoto Yukimura's recommendation comments for "Vinland Saga" are also released in color at the beginning!

2. Volume 3 of comics is now on sale! "The Last Valkyrie Tale: Jack the Ripper's Case Files"
Faced with the overwhelming power of the king of the underworld, Yogiri (Fog), Jack's fighting spirit grows stronger, saying, ``I want to look into the depths of the fog.'' Using all his means to attack, Jack lures Yogiri to an area where alcohol and oil are spread, and attempts to finish him off. However, it had no effect on Yogiri, and Jack thought everything would be fine...

3. The first round of the Ruin of the Country begins! Episode 2 of the huge new series “The Great Powers Front”!
The Ruined Country Match 1st round UK representative Albie Hiddleston VS Japan representative Renichi Saien begins! It seemed like the battle was about to break out, but Hiddleston did something unexpected...! ? The killing spree started by humans who are neither gods nor witches is about to begin!

Monthly Comic Zenon January 2024 issue
Regular price: 730 yen (tax included)
Editing/Publishing/Sales: Core Mix

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