[Released on 12/25 (Monday)! ] Monthly Comic Zenon February 2024 issue information

Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) released “Monthly Comic Zenon February 2024 Issue” on Monday, December 25, 2023.

Opening color & cover! "Witch Wars: 32 extraordinary witches kill each other"
Entering a new chapter! “Kyo Kara CITY HUNTER” will be on the cover!

1. Over 1 million copies sold! Game 8 begins! Review the witches who appeared in rounds 5 to 8 at the beginning of the book!
The 8th match “Picture” witch Mona Lisa VS “Snatch” witch Bonnie Parker begins! Bonnie Parker hears the sound of gunshots as soon as the war begins, but Mona Lisa avoids the bullets and it seems like she will be hit by a counterattack. However, Mona Lisa's counterattack is not so powerful or fast that it is doubtful that it will reach Bonnie Parker... The first color page features “Witch Encyclopedia Vol. 2” which introduces the witches participating in the 5th to 8th rounds!

2. The 10th round is about to begin! A brawl breaks out outside the venue! Volume 20 of comics now on sale! "Valkyrie of the End"
Shakyamuni was planning to make it inconvenient for Odin that Siegfried was imprisoned in "Abyss (Tartarus)" even though he had not committed that much of a crime. When Buddha, who had been in ambush, asked Odin who appeared, he was almost knocked down by force. Furthermore, Beelzebub joins them...

3. Entering a new development! Very popular “Kyo Kara CITY HUNTER”
This time's client, Michihiko Jinguji, insists that Ryo Saeba is the 3-year-old boy who went missing in Central America in a passenger plane accident 27 years ago. To make matters worse, the girl next to Michihiko Jinguji, Haruka, starts saying that she is Ryo Saeba's fiancée...

Monthly Comic Zenon February 2024 issue
List price: 730 yen (tax included)
Editing/Publishing/Sale: Core Mix

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