[Released on Thursday, January 25th! ] Monthly Comic Zenon March 2024 issue information

Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) released “Monthly Comic Zenon March 2024 Issue” on Thursday, January 25, 2024.

1. Amane asked Ijichi about his honest feelings towards Otaku-kun.
   The love triangle is finally shaken! “There are no gals who are kind to otakus!?” Latest episode!

Amane is shocked when Ijichi says, ``I like Otaku-kun.'' Amane decides to continue their relationship as before, but she can't help but worry about Ijichi. Meanwhile, Amane went to the winter Comiket alone with Otaku-kun. At that point, I started to feel guilty towards Ijichi...

2. The shocking past of the British surrogate hero is revealed!
  Taiman battle that decides the fate of the country “Great Powers Front”

The competition was even between Saien from Japan and Albie from England. Amidst the roar of anger from the audience, Albee meaningfully tells Saien, ``I take it for granted that tomorrow will come.'' This is a lesson that was engraved in his heart when he lost Rose, a woman who had been good to Alby in the past, right in front of his eyes...

3. Reprints one after another! A very popular work! The latest episode of “The Cat and the Gentleman’s Tea Room”!

When Taki, the owner of Ikeoji, learns that the man who came to the store by himself usually drinks a lot of coffee and is new to tea, he suggests that he try a little adventure. The ``tea of the day'' served with tiramisu creates the perfect marriage for the man.

Monthly Comic Zenon March 2024 issue
Regular price: 730 yen (tax included)
Editing/Publishing/Sales: Coa Mix

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