“Monthly Comic Zenon April 2024 issue” will be released on Saturday, February 24th!

Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will release “Monthly Comic Zenon April 2024 Issue” on Saturday, February 24, 2024.

Commemorating the release of Volume 1! “3 Minute Yojimbo Yoko-chan” cover & opening color!
Celebrating 5th anniversary of serialization! Keiji and his group go to Bizen! “Keiji Maeda Kabuki Journey”

1. Commemorating the release of the first volume of comics! Opening color! ``3-minute bodyguard Yoko-chan'' has a great explanation!
Merry suddenly declares that she will serve as Jose's bodyguard instead of her maid. Jose sees Yoko-chan as a "high-heeled girl" and a rival, and sees Mellie's fighting spirit burning, and tries to get her to quit being a bodyguard at any cost... There's also a color chart that lets you understand the characters surrounding Yoko-chan and Jose at a glance, as well as a commentary book that summarizes the charm of the story!

2. ``Keiji Maeda Kabuki Tabi'', which has surpassed the 5th anniversary of serialization, is on the cover!
What was waiting for Keiji and his group when they headed there...!
When Keiji and his group arrived in Bizen, the first place they headed to was Yorikatsu Hiraoka's mansion. There, Keiji tried to have an audience with Hideaki Kobayakawa, but only Keiji was allowed to meet Hideaki, who was closed off. Then, Keiji approaches Hideaki who is fishing alone. In order to attract Hideaki's interest, Keiji begins dropping ashes from Kiseru onto a suspicious shadow floating on the water surface...

3. Susanoo's sacred treasure revealed! The latest episode of “Walkure of the End”!
Susanoo catches Okita Souji's special move. It seemed that the sacred treasure had been destroyed, but it was the sheath that was broken. And finally, the full story of Susanoo's sacred treasure "Ama Murakumo Sword" is revealed! Also includes special episodes such as ``Hades' Deep Love,'' which has an interesting interaction between Hades and Adamus!

Monthly Comic Zenon April 2024 issue
Regular price: 730 yen (tax included)
Editing/Publishing/Sale: Core Mix

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