“Monthly Comic Zenon May 2024 Issue” will be released on March 25th (Monday)!

Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will release “Monthly Comic Zenon May 2024 Issue” on March 25th (Monday).

Commemorating the release of the first volume of comics! “Great Powers Front” cover & opening color!
Over 16 million copies sold! Special edition published! "Valkyrie of the End"

1. Commemorating the release of the first volume of comics! What will happen in the first game of “The Great Powers Front”? ?
Renichi Saien, who makes full use of plants, and Albie Hiddleston, who uses fog, are engaged in an unyielding battle with each other. Meanwhile, both of them ponder the location of the substitute hero's greatest weakness, the "core." And the time for the conclusion of the first game is rapidly approaching. Who will be the last one standing? ? A color commentary summarizing the history of the Ruin Battle, the details of the first game so far, and terminology used in the work is published!

2. A father-son showdown unfolds on a sunken ship! "Jack the Ripper"
On board the ship where the explosion occurred, five major organizations are crowded together to obtain the "Holy Grail (Regalia)". Jack the Ripper, who has obtained the "Holy Grail (regalia)", informs the ship of his whereabouts and tries to pit father and son Fog and Noah against each other in order to assemble the right actors for the climax.

3. A scuffle breaks out outside the arena over Odin's long-awaited desire! "Valkyrie of the End"
Beelzebub and others clash over Odin's long-cherished desire to "resurrect the primordial god." Thor and Adamantine also appear to calm the situation. In the 10th round, Okita Souji's blade finally captures Susanoo no Mikoto! ? In the special edition, members of Shinsengumi gather to support Okita!

Monthly Comic Zenon May 2024 issue
List price: 730 yen (tax included)
Editing/Publishing/Sale: Core Mix

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