“Monthly Comic Zenon May 2024 Issue” will be released on March 25th (Monday)!

Core Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will release the "Monthly Comic Zenon May 2024 Issue" on Monday, March 25th.

To celebrate the release of the first volume of the comic, "The Great Powers Front" is on the cover and in color!
Over 16 million copies sold! Special edition published! "Record of Ragnarok"

1. To celebrate the release of the first volume of the comics! What will be the outcome of the first match in "The Great Powers Front"?
Nishizono Renichi, who uses plants, and Alby Hiddleston, who uses mist, are locked in a fierce battle. Meanwhile, the two rack their brains trying to pinpoint the location of the substitute hero's greatest weakness, the "core." The time for the first match is fast approaching. Who will be the last man standing?! The book includes a color commentary on how the tournament to decide the country was held, the first matches so far, and a summary of the terminology used in the work!

2. A father-son showdown unfolds on a sunken ship! "Jack the Ripper"
Inside the ship where the explosion occurred, the five great organizations were crowded together in an attempt to obtain the "Holy Grail (Regalia)." With the "Holy Grail (Regalia)" in hand, Jack the Ripper informs everyone on board of his location in order to gather the right actors for the climax, and plans to have the father-son duo Fog and Noah fight each other.

3. A brawl breaks out outside the ring over Odin's wish! "Record of Ragnarok"
Beelzebub and his allies clash over Odin's lifelong wish to "revive the original gods." Thor and Adamantine also appear to calm the situation. In the 10th battle, Okita Souji's blade finally hits Susanoo no Mikoto!? In the special edition, the members of the Shinsengumi gather together to support Okita!

Monthly Comic Zenon May 2024 issue
Price: 730 yen (tax included)
Edited, published and distributed by Coremix

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