"Hana no Keiji Original Art Exhibition - Man, Sword, and Kabuki Journey" to be held at GALLERY ZENON from July 5th. More than 200 original drawings show the charm of "warriors" drawn by Tetsuo Hara.

The manga-themed art gallery "GALLERY ZENON" operated by manga publisher Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will exhibit the supreme Sengoku manga from July 5, 2024."Flower Keiji -Beyond the Clouds-"(Original story: Keiichiro Ryu, Manga: Tetsuo Hara, Script: Mio Aso) We will be holding an exhibition of original drawings. This will be the first time that "Hana no Keiji" will be open to the public.

©Ryu Keiichiro, Tetsuo Hara, Mio Aso/Core Mix 1990

Tetsuo Hara portrayed the men of the end of the century in "Fist of the North Star." Now, he has created a new story about "warriors" living in the turbulent Sengoku period.The charm of many Sengoku warlords is presented through more than 200 valuable original drawings from both the early and late periods.Previous periodTickets will go on sale from 12:00 on Friday, June 7th.are doing.

©Ryu Keiichiro, Tetsuo Hara, Mio Aso/Core Mix 1990

Also,There is also a collaboration cafe and goods shopIt is a must-see for fans and art lovers alike. Details of the exhibition will be released on the official website and social media in the future, so be sure to check them out.

[Event Summary]
● Exhibition name: "Hana no Keiji Original Art Exhibition - Man, Sword, and Kabuki Journey"
●Location: GALLERY ZENON (2-11-1 Kichijoji Minamimachi, Musashino City, Tokyo 180-0003)
●Dates: First period: Friday, July 5, 2024 to Sunday, July 28, 2024 *Closed on Tuesdays
Second Term: Thursday, August 1, 2024 - Sunday, August 25, 2024 *Closed on Tuesdays
●Business hours: 11:00~18:00 *Last entrance and last cafe order 17:30
●Admission fee: Weekdays WEB reservation 1,000 yen Same-day ticket 1,300 yen
 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: Online reservations 1,300 yen, same-day tickets 1,600 yen
 Discounts available for elementary school students, free for preschoolers
●Official website:
●Formula X:
●Organizer: Coamix
Special sponsor: Newgin Group
Cooperation: VISION8, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture

GALLERY ZENON, a manga-themed art gallery run by Coamix, is scheduled to open on April 7, 2024. It is a flagship gallery that showcases Japan's world-famous manga as art, spreading excitement and movement from Kichijoji, Tokyo to the world. The first exhibition is a Hojo Tsukasa exhibition. The second part of this exhibition is currently being held to great acclaim. If you are interested, be sure to visit.

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