Starting this summer! The first release of co-stars for the drama "Smearing Mud on the Face"! Keito Kimura (FANTASTICS) uses makeup to transform the main character Hikaru Takahashi into a gender-free boy who changes her life!!

He enjoys cross-dressing without borders, whether male or female, to match the person he wants to be! Breaking new ground with the role of a free-spirited college student!!
"I hope to discover a new side of myself!"

Kimura Keito is the key person who gives Takahashi Hikaru the courage to step forward!

Yoshikazu's popular comic "Putting Mud on My Face" (Zenon Comics/Core Mix), which caused a big stir on social media, has been adapted into a drama starring Takahashi Hikaru! The main character, Yuhara Miku (Takahashi Hikaru), who begins to take a step forward after a fateful encounter with a makeup-wearing boy who applies makeup on her, confronts her boyfriend who has transformed into a moral harasser and changes her life with the power of makeup - a "life-changing love story" begins this summer.
The film has been generating a lot of excitement and buzz since information about it was released the other day, and it has now been decided that Kimura Satoshi (FANTASTICS) will play a key character who will greatly change the protagonist's life!

"I absolutely wanted to play Eve!" Kimura is passionate about taking on new challenges!!

Kimura plays Takakura Eve, a university student who works part-time at a gallery cafe. He loves makeup, and chooses his makeup and clothes according to "how he wants to look that day." He is a gender-free boy who enjoys cross-dressing with no borders, whether male or female. Eve doesn't care what others think, but when he meets Miku by chance, he is touched when she praises him purely without prejudice. At the same time, he is concerned about Miku, who prioritizes the feelings of others over her own, and decides to change her with the power of makeup! Meanwhile, Eve is sometimes frustrated and confused by Miku, who is at the mercy of her abusive boyfriend... will her emotions be stirred?!
While active as a member of FANTASTICS, which was formed in 2016, in recent years, Kimura has made a striking impression with his appearances in the film "HiGH & LOW THE WORST X" (2022), the drama "Ameiro Paradox" (2022) in which he played the lead role, and "I Want to Break Up with a Man I Like" (2024), and is currently attracting attention as an actor, expanding his field of activity and taking on an extreme scene in the currently airing "Sachiko, I Am." In this work, he will challenge himself to a new realm in the role of a gender-free boy who has a major impact on the life of Miku, played by Takahashi.

After reading the original manga, Kimura said, "I felt that Eve had something in common with me," and even before he knew what role he would be playing, he had a strong desire to play Eve from the beginning. "I myself love skincare and makeup, so I think that by playing Eve, I will become more knowledgeable about these things, which will be beneficial for me, and of course, I think it's a role that will help me grow as an actor. I'm looking forward to discovering a new side of myself," he said.

The blonde makeover that caused a huge response was actually for this role!
A variety of Kimura will be on display, from a cool guy to a professionally made transcendental visual drag queen!!

Kimura, who plays Eve, a character with a borderless style of makeup and fashion, will be showing off a variety of looks in this film. Just the other day, Kimura posted a picture of herself on her social media account with a blonde makeover, which caused a huge reaction with praise such as, "I was shocked!", "The best!" and "What a surprise!"... But in fact, this makeover was for the role of Eve! Kimura has completely changed her impression, and from now on she will be surprising us even more with her cross-dressing look. Kimura has shown off cross-dressing in the past, but in this film her stunning looks have been professionally polished and all the staff on set who got a sneak peek at her look were left breathless.KimuraBut...! What kind of appearance will he show us? The eagerly anticipated Kimura cross-dressing look will be revealed in the first episode, which will be broadcast on July 13th (Sat)! Please look forward to it.

Following Takahashi, Kimura's appearance has been confirmed, and expectations are rising to see what kind of acting battle the two will show. Other cast members will be revealed one after another in the near future! Who will play the role of Haru, the emotionally abusive boyfriend who terrorizes Miku, and the mysterious lawyer Onitake Shuma? Please look forward to it.

Main characters

Miku Yuzuhara (Yuzuhara Miku) ... Hikaru Takahashi
She works at a department store as a receptionist. She has low self-esteem and is always considerate of others. She has been living with her boyfriend Haru for six years since their school days, and dreams of one day marrying him, who is kind and good at his job. She used to wear modest makeup every day because Haru wanted her to look pure and innocent, but after meeting Eve and discovering the freedom of makeup, she struggles to change herself, who was afraid to speak her true voice.

Takakura Eve (Takakura Iv) ..... Kimura Satoshi (FANTASTICS)
A university student who loves makeup and beauty. She usually works part-time at a gallery cafe. She sometimes enjoys cross-dressing in women's fashion to match her makeup, but she is interested in women. She doesn't care what others think of her, but many people look at her strangely. When she meets Miku by chance, she is impressed by her genuine compliment. Miku, who tends to neglect herself, changes with the power of makeup.

Haruhisa Yuki
Miku's boyfriend is an elite lawyer. Nicknamed Haru. He is smart and kind, and was popular with everyone since his school days. He dislikes flashy clothes and doesn't like Miku to wear flashy makeup because he "likes neatness." He is soft-spoken and always considerate and kind, saying "for Miku's sake...", but after Miku met Eve and started wearing makeup, he suddenly changed into a moral harasser and drove Miku into a corner.

Touma Kitake
A young lawyer. Despite his playful appearance, he is an elite who passed the bar exam in straight sets. Due to a certain incident, he becomes close to Miku and Haru, but his purpose is unknown.

Comment from Hikaru Takahashi (role of Miku Yuhara)
I've worked with Kimura-san before on a variety show, and the recording took place in a pop atmosphere, but my first impression was that he was a very charming and lovely person. So I feel relieved that he's sure to be the one to soften the atmosphere on set. We'll be working together on this production from now on, and he already looks great in cool beauty fashion, so I'm looking forward to acting together as Eve-kun.

Comment from Keito Kimura (role of Eve Takakura)
-Please tell us how you felt when you found out you were going to appear in this film.
Frankly, I was happy. After reading the original work, I felt that Eve had something in common with me. Eve seems cheerful at first glance, but he actually has a painful past and things he doesn't want to remember. I'm not that bad, but I did have a failure in dance, so I think that even though he may be cheerful now, he has had experiences like that that have brought him to where he is now. At first, I hadn't decided who I was going to play, but I was determined to play Eve, so when I was asked to play the role, I thought, "I'll do my best!"

--What are your expectations for playing Takakura Eve? Also, are there any points of commonality or differences between you and the character?
I'm usually quite the type of person who can say what I think, but I can't say it as much as Eve, so I think that's something I don't have. However, I also like skin care and makeup, so I think that by playing Eve, I'll become more knowledgeable about them, which will be a plus for me, and of course, I think it's a role that will help me grow as an actor. I'm looking forward to discovering a new side of myself.

-What is your impression of the lead actress, Takahashi Hikaru?
Takahashi-san is a very friendly person, easy to talk to, and always considers those around him, making him a cheerful person. I'm also naturally a cheerful person, but he accepts that as it is, and I think he's someone I can talk to without feeling nervous. I hope I can create a cheerful set together with Takahashi-san, and I'd like to take this opportunity to learn about makeup and female mannerisms from Takahashi-san. I also think there's a lot I can learn from him, so I'd like to ask him about acting.

--Please give us a message for the viewers, including the highlights of the film.

The theme of Eve is "Become who you want to be that day," and I think he presents himself in various ways, including makeup, but I hope that by me acting that out, the viewers will also have a positive attitude and think, "It's okay to be who you want to be!" I will do my best to explore various possibilities in my own way so that I can give everyone that much encouragement.


(Original work) Yoshikazu "Throwing mud on your face" (Zenon Comics/Core Mix)
(Screenplay) Tomomi Okubo/Erika Toyama
(Direction) Izuru Kumasaka/Meigetsu Takahashi
(General Producer) Nobuyuki Hattori (TV Asahi)
(Producers) Eizo Fujisaki (TV Asahi) / Sho Sejima (Studio Blue)
(Production cooperation) Studio Blue
(Produced by) TV Asahi

Original information

Manga "Smearing Mud on Your Face" (Zenon Comics) 8 volumes
Author: Yoshikazu
Published by Coremix
Serialized on the website "Zenon Editorial Department" (completed)
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