[Only 2 weeks left until the long-awaited broadcast starts!] The main visual for "Smearing Mud on My Face" starring Takahashi Hikaru has been released! -Changing lives with the power of makeup- A "life-changing love story" The "makeup" that is the key to the story is supervised by genderless model Idegami Baku!!

Is makeup a beautiful thing? Or...? A precarious yet beautiful main visual has been completed, depicting the relationship between the heroine and three men whose lives are changed by the power of makeup!

Yoshikazu's popular comic "Putting Mud on My Face" (Zenon Comics/Core Mix), which caused a big stir on social media, has been adapted into a drama starring Takahashi Hikaru! The main character, Yuhara Miku (Takahashi Hikaru), who begins to take a step forward after a fateful encounter with a makeup-wearing guy gives her some makeup, confronts her boyfriend who has transformed into a moral harasser, and changes her life with the power of makeup - a "life-changing love story."
With the long-awaited premiere broadcast on Saturday, July 13th fast approaching next Saturday, the main visual has now been released ahead of time!
The video includes Takahashi as the main character Miku, who pays homage to the cover of the first volume of the original manga, Kimura Keito (FANTASTICS) as Takakura Eve, a make-up boy who has a major influence on Miku through his make-up, Nishigaki Takumi as Yuki Yuuki, also known as Haru, her boyfriend who transforms into a moral harasser after starting to wear make-up, and Takano Akira as Onitake Shuma, who gets close to Miku and Haru but whose reasons are unknown, all entangled with Takahashi in meaningful scenes with impressive cosmetics. The visuals expressing his relationship with Miku, whose life is changing through make-up, exude a sense of danger and beauty, and seem to hint at the direction Miku will take as she steps forward, raising expectations for the film even further.

Makeup supervision by multifaceted genderless model Idegami Baku! "My first step as a beauty expert. I hope it will have a positive impact on the mind."

Makeup is what changed Miku's life, what fuels Eve to live freely, and what turns Haru into a moral harassment man. Idegami Baku will be supervising the makeup, which is an important key to depicting this work! In 2018, Idegami won the DD Self-Produced Award at the 31st Junon Super Boy Contest and attracted attention as the "cutest Junon Boy." He is currently active as a genderless model. In recent years, he has appeared in dramas and variety shows, and in 2022, he will be announcing his own genderless fashion brand "BAAKU," expanding his field of activity. In addition, Idegami actually attended a beauty school in parallel with his modeling and talent activities, and obtained the International Makeup Artist Certification Level 1! With such world-class makeup skills, Idegami will be supervising makeup for the first time in this work, adding more color to the world of the story. Idegami compared her own experiences to Miku and Eve's makeup, saying, "It made me want to root for Miku as her self-esteem increased with the help of makeup, and I really sympathized with Eve's approach to makeup, which she describes as 'not something you do for someone else, but a way to express yourself.'" She was particularly particular about the makeup for Kimura, who plays Eve, saying, "I used makeup to create an androgynous yet beautiful face, hoping to bring out Kimura's unique charm." Idegami's makeup techniques are on display throughout the film, so be sure to check it out!

Furthermore, on the first episode airing on Saturday, July 13th, Kimura will be seen cross-dressing for the first time, with makeup by Idegami. Please look forward to Kimura's stunning visuals with dazzlingly glamorous makeup as the dazzlingly free-spirited Eve.

Comment from Idegami Baku (make-up supervisor)

I feel extremely honored to have been given the important role of makeup supervisor, but at the same time I am keenly aware of the weight of responsibility.

I've always had the beauty industry in mind, along with my work in the entertainment industry, so after graduating from high school I went to a beauty school, got qualified, and acquired specialized knowledge and skills, so I'm very happy and excited to be talking about this story. I've personally experienced feeling a brighter inner self as I improve my appearance, so when I read the original work, I wanted to root for the main character, Miku, as she uses the power of makeup to increase her self-esteem, and I also really sympathized with Eve's view of makeup as "not something you do for someone else, but a way to express yourself."

In this cross-dressing scene, I made a conscious effort to create an androgynous face. Because Kimura-san has such a beautiful face, I thought it would be closer to the image in the original work to create an androgynous yet beautiful face through makeup, rather than forcing her to look cute, so I tried to create a different charm for Kimura-san. I was particularly particular about the bone structure and eyebrows, using eyeshadow to create a masculine bone structure, and creating gentle yet dignified eyebrows. I hope you will look forward to these makeup arrangements throughout the drama.

As the story progresses, Eve will further adjust her gestures and moods through various makeup and fashions. This is my first step as a beauty professional, so I feel it is very rewarding to be involved in this work, and I will do my best to ensure that everyone who watches it enjoys it. I hope that this work will not only be enjoyed, but also have a positive impact on your heart!

Episode 1 Synopsis

Miku Yuhara (Hikaru Takahashi), who works at a department store reception desk, always wears modest makeup because her boyfriend, Yuuki Yuuki (aka Haru) (Takumi Nishigaki), an elite lawyer with whom she lives together, tells her that a natural look is better. She has not improved her makeup skills. However, her senior at work tells her to wear makeup properly, and she is worried that customers look down on her because of her quiet impression, when she meets Eve Takakura (Keito Kimura), a makeup guy. Miku is dazzled by Eve's figure walking briskly with beautiful makeup, and she can't help but say, "That red lipstick suits you!" While some people look at her cross-dressing with curiosity, Eve, who likes Mikuru for her genuine compliments, offers to do her makeup for Mikuru, who is not good at makeup. After he puts on her bright red lip makeup, Mikuru feels beautiful for the first time in her life, and she looks forward to Haru's return, thinking that Haru will be happy too. However, when Haru saw Mikuru's face, his reaction was unexpected - Haru headed to the bathroom, and the next moment, he was pouring cleansing oil all over Mikuru's head...!


(Original work) Yoshikazu "Throwing mud on your face" (Zenon Comics/Core Mix)
(Screenplay) Tomomi Okubo/Erika Toyama
(Direction) Izuru Kumasaka/Meigetsu Takahashi
(General Producer) Nobuyuki Hattori (TV Asahi)
(Producers) Eizo Fujisaki (TV Asahi) / Sho Sejima (Studio Blue)
(Production cooperation) Studio Blue
(Produced by) TV Asahi

Original information

Manga "Smearing Mud on Your Face" (Zenon Comics) 8 volumes
Author: Yoshikazu
Published by Coremix
Serialized on the website "Zenon Editorial Department" (completed)
Read the first chapter


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