"Change your life with makeup!" Hikaru Takahashi stars in the popular comic "Smearing Mud on Your Face," which caused a huge stir on social media, and has been adapted into a live-action drama!!

Starts Saturday, July 13, 2024!
[Every Saturday] 11:30pm to midnight, 24 TV Asahi affiliates

Takahashi Hikaru returns to the Saturday night drama slot for the first time in a year in a live-action adaptation of the much-talked-about comic! A "life-changing love story" about a woman whose life is changed by the power of makeup is born!!
Takahashi Hikaru will be making her comeback in the Saturday Night Drama slot from July 2024, for the first time in about a year since her first lead role in a TV Asahi drama, "Halation Love" (2023)! It has been decided that she will play the lead role in the drama adaptation of the popular comic "Put Mud on Your Face" (Zenon Comics/Core Mix), originally written by Yoshikazu, which caused a huge response on social media.

In this film, Takahashi plays a protagonist who has low self-esteem and is always concerned about what others think of her, but has a fateful encounter with a makeup-loving guy who lives a dazzlingly free life, wearing makeup he loves. When he applies beautiful makeup to her, she feels an elation she has never felt before... But just when she thinks her boyfriend will be happy with how beautiful she looks, she gets an unexpected reaction from her boyfriend, who has always been so kind to her...!
With the power of makeup, the protagonist begins to look forward, confronts her boyfriend who has transformed into an abusive man, and takes her life back - a life-changing love story is born!

Takahashi Hikaru, an ever-evolving actress, gives a passionate performance as the protagonist who begins to move forward using makeup as her weapon!
Takahashi, who showed delicate acting in her first love suspense starring role in "Halation Love" (2023), has also made her presence known in recent years in dramas such as "Where Did My Skirt Go?" (2019), "Red Eyes Surveillance Investigation Team" (2021), and "Mr. Matsunaga in the Living Room" (2024), as well as movies such as "Mr. Osomatsu" (2022). In addition, she will continue to make great strides as an actress, with the release of her film "Akabane Kotsuko's Bodyguard" scheduled for August this year, while also captivating many people with her innocent and bright character on variety shows.

Takahashi, who continues to evolve through a wide range of activities, plays Yuzuhara Miku, a temporary employee working at a department store reception desk. Lacking confidence and always concerned about what others think, Miku only wears modest makeup every day, in accordance with her boyfriend, Yuuki Yuuki, also known as Haru, an elite lawyer, who wants her to "stay pure and innocent." One day, she accidentally meets Takakura Eve, a makeup guy, and a change comes over Miku. Eve, who sometimes enjoys women's fashion to go with his favorite makeup, shines brightly in front of Miku...! When Eve gives her the red lip makeup she has always wanted, Miku thinks of herself as "beautiful" for the first time in her life. Miku thought Haru would be happy, but his reaction is completely different from what she expected... With Miku's makeup as a trigger, the gentle Haru begins to show her terrifying side, which she has never seen before!

We are excited to see how Takahashi will portray Miku, who acquires the "spiritual weapon" of makeup and moves forward despite feeling fear towards her abusive boyfriend.

Takahashi is already captivated by the role, saying, "I really love Miku's dedication!"

"I think it's a work that will make your heart flutter to the max," he said, giving his stamp of approval to the work!
Takahashi, who will be taking on the role of Miku, said that when she read the original work, she initially felt a certain level of frustration and irritation towards Miku, but she realized that she felt this way because "there are parts of her that overlap with myself." "Even though I have something in common with her, like her tendency to run after herself, when I look at her objectively, I think, 'That's unfair,' or 'Why does she do that?'...
However, as I continued reading, I realized that Miku is a very honest girl, and my impression of her being straightforward changed to one that I think is good." "The more I got to know Miku, the more I loved her, and it didn't seem like it was someone else's problem," he revealed, revealing a change in his feelings. He also said, "I love how she is able to honestly recognize her own shortcomings, and how she is so single-minded in her efforts to face herself and find the answers!" It seems that his love for the role is growing day by day. When asked about the highlights of this work, Takahashi said, "There are many, but..." but added that one of the charms is "the expression on Miku's face when she realizes what she likes and becomes excited after Eve's makeup, even though she had previously kept the things she likes bottled up inside."

Takahashi said he hopes that through those expressions, viewers will realize that "it's okay to say 'I love you' more casually" and that "it's okay to express it as 'fun.'" He also gave the film his stamp of approval, saying, "I think it's a work that's full of excitement and will give you MAX excitement (laughs)." Please look forward to seeing what kind of "excitement" the film will bring! In addition, "Smearing Mud on My Face" brings together some of the most popular actors, including Eve, who encourages Takahashi's Miku to take her next step, Haru, who blocks her path, and Onitake Shuma, who watches their actions suspiciously! Please look forward to further information to be announced soon.

Main characters

Miku Yuzuhara (Yuzuhara Miku) ... Hikaru Takahashi
She works at the reception desk of a department store. She has low self-esteem and is always considerate of others. She has been living with her boyfriend Haru for six years since their school days, and dreams of one day marrying him, who is kind and good at his job. At Haru's request that she remain pure, she used to wear modest makeup every day, but after meeting Eve and discovering the freedom of makeup, she struggles to change herself, who was afraid of speaking her true voice.

Takakura Eve
A university student who loves makeup and beauty. She usually works part-time at a gallery cafe. She sometimes enjoys cross-dressing in women's fashion to match her makeup, but she is interested in women. She doesn't care what others think of her, but many people look at her strangely. When she meets Miku by chance, she is impressed by her genuine compliment. Miku, who tends to neglect herself, changes with the power of makeup.

Haruhisa Yuki
Miku's boyfriend is an elite lawyer. Nicknamed Haru. Smart and kind, he was popular with everyone since his school days. He dislikes flashy clothes and doesn't like Miku to wear flashy makeup because he "likes neatness." He has a gentle tone of voice and is always kind and considerate, saying "for Miku's sake...", but after Miku met Eve and started wearing makeup, he suddenly changed into a moral harasser and drove Miku into a corner.

Touma Kitake
A young lawyer. Despite his playful appearance, he is an elite who passed the bar exam in straight sets. Due to a certain incident, he becomes close to Miku and Haru, but his purpose is unknown.

Comment from Hikaru Takahashi (role of Miku Yuhara)

--How did you feel when you were chosen to play the lead role in this film? Also, what did you think when you read the original novel and the script?
When I first saw the cover and title of the original work, the impression of the title was very strong, and I felt drawn in, wondering "What kind of story is it?" When I actually read it, I felt very painful, but because I thought it was a work that many people could relate to, I thought while reading the original work that I hope the readers will enjoy it by projecting themselves onto Miku.

--What kind of person do you think "Mikuni" is, played by Takahashi-san? Please tell us if there are any parts of her that you can empathize with, any parts that overlap with you, or any parts that are different. Also, please tell us if there is anything that you want to keep in mind when acting.
At first, I felt frustration, regret, and irritation towards Miku as I read the story, and I think Yoshikazu, the original author, must have felt like he got what he wanted from her (laughs). But the more I read the story, the more I began to realize that I was feeling this irritation because there were parts of myself that overlapped with it. After that, the more I got to know Miku, the more I felt affection for her, and it began to feel like it wasn't just someone else's problem.
I have something in common with her, such as her tendency to rush to protect herself, but when I look at her objectively I think, "That's unfair," or "Why does she do that?", which confused me at first, but as I read further I realized that Miku is a girl who is honest about her feelings, and my impression of her changed to one that she is good at being honest about her emotions. I love how she is able to honestly recognize her own shortcomings, and how she is single-minded in her efforts to face herself and find the answers!

Additionally, Miku is a girl who really values the energy she receives from people, such as Eve and Haru, and I believe that she is not the main focus of the character, but rather shines when she has someone to interact with, so I would like to enjoy each of the scenes we play together and cherish the performance.

--Miku gains confidence and changes through the power of makeup, but what does makeup mean to you, Takahashi?
The same goes for makeup, I think that "color" enriches emotions. I'm not the type of person who incorporates color into my daily life, so I used to limit the colors I could wear, thinking "cute colors don't suit me" or "inconspicuous colors are fine." But when I started wearing strong colors like blue and red through my work, incorporating blush and painting my nails, I felt like I had become stronger. That was the trigger for me to start wearing the colors I like, so I feel that makeup and colors are symbols of freedom.
Nowadays, it's easy to find indicators such as "this is what suits you" through personal color and bone structure diagnosis, so it's also easy to tell others "that will definitely suit you better," and I think we tend to care about what others think. However, I believe that makeup and fashion are things that allow you to express your inner self outwardly, like Eve does, so I hope that through my work people will feel that it's okay to enjoy them freely.

--Please tell us about the highlights of this work and your enthusiasm for the upcoming filming, as well as a message to our viewers.
There are many highlights, but one of them is the look on Miku's face as she realizes what she likes and gets excited because of Eve's makeup. I've noticed a lot of people saying recently that they don't have any hobbies, but I think they may have things they like but don't think they're that good at them or can't really call them hobbies.
But I want people to notice and treasure those little thrills they feel when they fall in love, so I hope that when they see the scenes that show the little thrills and excitement of each character, starting with Miku, they'll think, "It's okay to say 'love' more casually," or, "It's okay to express it as 'fun.'" I think it's a work that's full of thrills and "heart-pounding MAX" (laughs).

Also, I think that everyone has some kind of worries, so I hope you can project yourself into the characters, and I feel that I will probably get some hints on how to live strong through this role, so I hope that I can give you some hints on how to live strong and enjoyable every day through this work. I will do my best so that you can watch over Miku as she grows stronger. Please watch it.

Yoshikazu (original author) Comment


I am glad that you found "Throwing Mud on My Face" among the many works available. Hikaru Takahashi, who plays the main character Miku, is a very glamorous and beautiful actor, but at the same time, she has an air of innocence and humility about her, which was perfect for the Miku I imagined. The script also has many interesting developments, and I am looking forward to seeing the realistic drama of Miku and her friends.

Original information

Manga "Throwing mud on my face" (Zenon Comics)
Author: Yoshikazu
Published by Coamix
Serialized on the website "Zenon Editorial Department"
Read the first chapter


(Original work) Yoshikazu "Smearing mud on your face" (Zenon Comics/Core Mix)
(Screenplay) Tomomi Okubo and Erika Toyama
(Direction) Kumasaka Izuru and Takahashi Meigetsu
(General Producer) Nobuyuki Hattori (TV Asahi)
(Producers) Eizo Fujisaki (TV Asahi) Sho Sejima (Studio Blue)
(Production cooperation) Studio Blue
(Produced by) TV Asahi Official Program Account

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