[Free chapters increased] To celebrate "City Hunter" taking the top spot in the Kindle Manga overall rankings! Three volumes of the spin-off work are available for free, titled "More Mokkori Time"

To celebrate the first volume of "City Hunter" ranking first in the Kindle Manga overall rankings, Coa Mix Inc. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will be holding a "More Bulges Time" event at the Zenon Editorial Department, offering three volumes of "From Today, City Hunter" (manga by Nishiki Sokura; reference book by "CITY HUNTER" by Hojo Tsukasa) for free.

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"City Hunter from Today" 3 volumes free

May 9, 2024 ~ May 24, 2024 11:59

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WEB Zenon Editorial Department

Aoyama Kaori, 40 years old, single. She was crazy about Ryo Saeba from "City Hunter" whom she met when she was in high school, and one day she was hit by a train... But when she woke up, she somehow found herself in her high school years. She was confused by the unfamiliar scenery, when Ryo Saeba from "City Hunter" and Kaori Makimura appeared in front of her!

Many people may have picked up the original manga after seeing the live-action movie "City Hunter," which is currently being distributed on Netflix and receiving rave reviews. Be sure to check out the official spin-off work as well.

Get 3 volumes free now! Read a preview of "City Hunter from Today"!

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