"Hojo Tsukasa Exhibition" opens at Gallery Zenon - More than 170 original drawings from his debut work to his serialized works, including original drawings made specifically for the live-action film

Gallery Zenon, operated by manga publisher Coa Mix Inc. (Musashino City, Tokyo), has opened the "Hojo Tsukasa Exhibition," a special exhibition of the artist known for the popular manga works "City Hunter" and "Cat's Eye," on Tuesday, April 17, 2024, as part of its opening commemoration project.

This exhibition will feature approximately 170 original drawings from the first and second half of the series, ranging from Hojo Tsukasa's debut work to his serialized works.
In addition, there will be original illustrations that Hojo-sensei has drawn specifically for Gallery Zenon, as well as original drawings for the Netflix movie "City Hunter." There will also be an exhibition of his personal belongings, photo spots, and more.

Additionally, the gallery's cafe will serve collaborative menus inspired by the artworks, and you can purchase limited edition goods in the merchandise area.

Gallery Zenon will launch as a flagship gallery showcasing manga as a world-class Japanese art form, and will continue to hold a variety of special exhibitions, so please look forward to them.

[Event Summary]
Exhibition name: GALLERY ZENON Opening Commemoration Project "Hojo Tsukasa Exhibition"
Session period: Early period April 17~May 19, 2024/Later period May 22~June 23, 2024
Location: GALLERY ZENON (2-11-1 Kichijoji Minamimachi, Musashino City, Tokyo)
Purchase tickets:
Organizer: Coamix Co., Ltd.

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