[Thank you so much for being so popular!!] “Are there any gals who are kind to otakus!?” in color!! “Monthly Comic Zenon” November issue is now on sale!!

“Are there any gals who are kind to otakus?” published by Core Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will be featured in color in the “Monthly Comic Zenon November issue” released on September 25, 2023.

The entire volume of “Monthly Comic Zenon November issue” is in color!

“Are there any gals who are kind to otakus?” (Original story: Norishiro-chan, Manga: Sakana Uozumi)
The series will begin serialization in Monthly Comic Zenon in August 2021.

Takuya Seo, an otaku who likes “anime for girls” that he can’t say he likes out loud,
The story begins one day when she gets entangled with Amane-san and Ijichi-san, gals in her class.
A very popular school car comedy.Currently, up to volume 4 has been published.

Due to its popularity, it was released on September 25, 2023."Monthly Comic Zenon November issue" has color throughout the volume!!

▼38th hour synopsis▼
Otaku-kun, who is short on money, decides to start a short-term part-time job in order to get character items from the anime Kiramon and to give presents to Amane and Ijichi, who are good friends with him. Otaku-kun immediately reveals to the two of them that he is considering a part-time job at a warehouse, and Ijichi suddenly invites him to work together at a cake shop...

If you are interested, be sure to get the Monthly Comic Zenon or the book!!

▼Trial reading of episode 1▼

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