Nippon Television's "100 Million People's Big Question!? Laugh and Come!" airs the third episode of their in-depth feature on Takamori High School's Manga Department!

Nippon Television"100 Million People's Big Question!? Laugh and Come!"The third episode of "A Journey to See What Happens After a Year: Manga Artist Edition," an in-depth look at the Takamori High School Manga Department that began airing in April, will be broadcast on Wednesday, June 5th.

This time, we will be following second-year students as they create works in preparation for submission to the Kyushu International Manga Award.
Be sure to check out this exciting story of youthful adventure unfolding as they battle against deadlines!

After the broadcastOfficial SNS for the programThe works will also be exhibited at, so be sure to check it out!

Nippon Television

[Program name]
"The big question of 100 million people?! Come and laugh!"

[Broadcast Schedule]
June 5 (Wednesday)
TVerAt,June 5th 21:00 - June 12th 19:54There will be a look back broadcast up to now.

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