[New Core Mix Release] Zenon Comics on sale June 7th!

Core Mix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) will release five Zenon Comics titles on Friday, June 7, 2024.

[5 new Zenon Comics releases]

◆The prince breaks off her engagement, but she's no match for him! This villainous young lady with a strong mind will overcome any adversity!
"Demirka-sama is a tough villainess: The mentally strongest young lady crushes the prince's broken engagement!" Volume 1
Original story by Amano Angela (Everystar) Manga by Hatoi Fumi
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◆ Authors with a cumulative total of 10 million copies sold come together! A failed magician from the countryside becomes invincible in the dungeon!
"The Strongest Magician with No Common Sense" Volume 2
Original story by Shinkoshima, original story by Koji Aotsuki and Sky Farm, manga by Takumi Senoo, cooperation by peep
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◆You're sure to be thrilled by the cute clothes and handsome men! Pajamas and tracksuits... a fashion revolution in another world!
"Sofia the Tailor from Another World: A Poor Lady Uses Modern Knowledge to Make Clothes and Enrich Everyone's Lives" Volume 2
Today is Zhonghua month
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◆A lineup of handsome guys! He approaches the one he likes, but is harassed!
"The Reincarnation of a Bullied Villainous Young Lady: It's No Joke to Say My Second Life is Miserable!" Volume 4
Original story by Mayu Yayoi (Everystar) Manga by Shoko Mishima
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◆The two of them wish for peace! A tearful finale!
"The Tea Witch's Elegant Court Life: The Window-Side Life of the Weakest Magician Who Hides His Cheats" Volume 4
Original story by Ameko Kaeruda, manga by Yorifuji
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Edited, published and distributed by: Core Mix

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