[New edition of Coa Mix] Released on 1/19 (Friday)!

Coamix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) released 10 works of 9 Zenon comics on Friday, January 19, 2024.

[10 items of 9 new Zenon comics]

◆Depicting the pure love between two art college students who each have a secret! Formless youth graffiti begins!
"Attribute of Blue and Love" Volume 1
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◆Live-action movie in progress! My first year as a working adult is exciting!
"Mobuko no Koi" Volume 18
Akane Tamura
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◆Highly praised by Tsukasa Hojo! I'm impressed by Mr. Gosho Aoyama!
"Fist of the North Star New Edition" Volume 11 Volume 12
Original work/Buronson Manga/Tetsuo Hara
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◆1st place in LINE Manga Mystery/Horror category! "Mom hiss syntax" repeated! I finally decided to get rid of my real mother!
“Happy Family Revenge Rental Mom” Volume 3
Ryosuke Funaki
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◆New chapter begins! The appearance of a single mother leads to turbulent developments!
"Mother Parasite" Volume 10
Hirotoshi Sato
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◆A hammer of blood and tears is brought down on the sad fallen angel!
“Decapitation of Arcange” Volume 5
Illustration/Mage Mellow Original work/Sora Hanabayashi
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[3 new e-book titles! ]

◆When I woke up, I was in bed with a handsome man! I unexpectedly got married in 0 days with my high-spec handsome boss!
“Ikinari Marriage: When I woke up, I found myself as my handsome boss’s wife!?” Volume 1
Manga/Tobukawo Original work/Otoi Sakurai (Everystar) 
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◆Electronic comic blockbuster! The latest volume shows a yellow light on the plan to degrade Karin!
“Replica Ex-Wife’s Revenge” Volume 11
Original work/Tanaka Tomo Illustration/Hirai Hachi
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◆A popular SNS work based on the original work by Maya Miyazaki! Yurika decides to work at a soap to pay off her debt!
"Because we're not dating" Volume 17
Original work/Maya Miyazaki Illustrations/Satoshi Yamazaki
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Editing/Publishing/Sales: Coamix

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